Do we really need to explain why Fridays are so amazing? Fridays are basically the official countdown to the weekend and we love to bring you up to speed with the Friday Fix! Thanks for stopping by as we spring into the month of June with some seriously amazing content. This week’s topics range from building successful business blogs to the science behind content marketing. We also share tips on taking the perfect profile picture for blogging as well as the process for hiring help. So, grab that cup of joe, relax and let’s get started!

This Week in Content Marketing: Content Marketing Now Scientifically Proven

Would you like to learn how to develop engaging content to establish authentic interactions with your target audience? Do you wish you had scientific support to explain the value of communication to consumers? Look no further than Joe Polizzi’s article as he gathers insider tips on content marketing strategies, scientific support for content marketing, and basic tips to attract your target audience through webinars. 

Starting a New Blog? 6 Things a Business Blog Must Have

Wondering where to start for your new business blog? Patsi Krakoff expounds this topic as she walks us through the process from start to finish. When designing a business blog, you must keep in mind your branding identity, customer personality preference, and simple navigation. These rules are crucial when building a business blog. Other considerations include colors, taglines, and testimonials.

Get More Done and Boost Profits with This 3-Step Process for Hiring Help

Are you afraid to ask for help? Concerned about hiring a complete staff? Avoiding these tasks can actually effect the growth of your business. Deciding to outsource tasks you struggle with, will allow you to focus on your strengths and the growth of your business. Linda Formichelli, discloses why hiring help can boost your profits and free you up to focus on what you do best, your job.

Why a Great Profile Picture is a Blogger’s Most Powerful Tool – And How to Get One

Want to know the key to getting that perfect profile picture? According to profile photographer, John Reyment, the first step in getting a good photo is to relax. He also says that stress can make people in front of a camera stop breathing normal. This article written by Kathy Wilson, supplies simple methods to achieve the ideal profile picture.

How to Build Your Online Audience When You Can’t Market Like Every Other Entrepreneur

Can marketing be creative? Neal Samudre seems to think so. He proves why it’s okay to step outside of traditional marketing and tap into your creative side. His ideas of untraditional marketing are not only entrancing, but also impactful. I love how he empowers readers by redefining the meaning of success and balance.

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