Did somebody call Sir Fix-a-Lot because Friday (Fix) got back! (I’m not sure where it went, but I’m thrilled it came back.)  Not only is the Friday Fix back, but it brought some great insight on content marketing along with it. This week, we delve into essential components for content marketing success, efficiency tips for B2B marketers, video statistics, and for whom 2015 is their year and for whom it is not.  Oh, and we’ve found the Holy Grail of content marketing, so there’s that.  So, grab your reading coffee and prepare to get your Fix on!

The Holy Grail of Content Marketing – and When to Recommend It

Tanya Hall’s article automatically wins points for being attention-getting because naturally, I’m curious as to what Holy Grail of content marketing is. Secondly, I’m reminded of Indiana Jones, and anything that reminds me of a younger Harrison Ford is a good thing indeed. (Stops to think more about Harrison Ford.) Anyway, contender for the Holy Grail of men (currently George Clooney) aside, the Holy Grail for content marketing is writing a book according to Tanya. Why?  Good question…check out her article for why book equals Grail.

3 Must-Dos to Master Content Marketing

At some point, I hope someone consolidates the content marketing rhetoric to “should dos” and “must dos” because they are actually different. In this case, Annemaria Nicholson brings a list of three things you must do in order to thrive in content marketing. Simply stated, they are: be specific, create an experience, and inspire anticipation. Needless to say, this is much easier said than done, which is why you need to read Annemaria’s article to see how you, too, can inspire anticipation.

6 Content Marketing Realities You Can’t Ignore

In the interest of perpetuating elevated discourse from several conversations she had with colleagues, Rebecca Lieb offers insights that really do put a new spin on how you look at things which may actually change the way you approach content marketing. For example, “Content is the product,” according to Rebecca. Even if your company has actual products, this concept applies. Another freebie before I tell you to just read this article is that (1) audio and visual will continually become relevant, and (2) content orientation is vertical thanks to the primary vehicle of consumption (mobile devices).

How Busy Local Businesses Can Leverage Data & Technology for Content Marketing

Chris Marentis and understand that if you’re running a local business, you’re up to your eyeballs (and maybe even your spouse’s eyeballs) in to-do lists. Further, the landscape may have changed since you started your business, as Chris points out. Suddenly, your customers are looking to their cell phones for information, and you’re wondering why the radio isn’t working like it used to.  So, what can you do?  Chris’ article is jam-packed with smart tips and effective approaches for reaching your audience through modern channels. Check it out.

12 Steps: How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Plan

If you’ve never heard that content marketing doesn’t just happen, then I’m here to burst your bubble. There are multiple steps and components involved in successful content marketing.  Angela Hausman, PhD’s article focuses on one of the most essential components, which is having a plan. You have to know who you are, what you are doing, where you want to go, and how you want to get there (you have to have a plan).  If you’re not sure where to start or want to see how bullet-proof your plan is, read Angela’s article and step up your plan.

Report: Customer Data Critical to Content Marketing

If someone asked you how any surveyed used customer data in their content marketing strategy, what would your answer be?  Maybe, 75%?  Go higher. As Kelsey Jones reports, a whopping 91.4% use customer data in their content marketing, which makes complete sense given that content should be about the customer and their preferences. Kelsey goes on to share how that data shapes content as well how and why it’s shared.

The Struggle is Real: Content Marketing’s Blocks + Success Stories in 2015

Anastasia Dyakovskaya’s article zeroes in on the realities of content marketing in terms of who is doing what and how they are doing with it (it kind of is a good representation of who is listening to guidance and who isn’t). For example, the majority (76%) of marketers upped their investments in content marketing while 21% didn’t change, and 3% actually decreased them. Meanwhile, reports show that 80% of B2B marketers do not have a dedicated mobile strategy. Anastasia’s article is definitely worth the read; then, check out the full 16-page round-up report that served as the basis for Anastasia’s article (linked at the bottom of the article).

How B2B & B2C Companies Can Connect with Customers on LinkedIn

As the author, Ian Dodson, points out, many mistakenly assume that only B2B companies can benefit from LinkedIn as a connective resource because it’s mostly a used to promote the dissemination of knowledge and information (and, okay, also to make whoever is posting look super savvy); however, there are other ways to use LinkedIn (through say, educational or informative content or by sharing a blog post) that go beyond the typical B2B functions that can be useful for everyone.

B2B Content Marketing: Top Tactics, Goals, and Tools

If you’re a B2B company, then Ayaz Nanji’s article is just for you (okay, and anyone else who is interested). In this piece, Ayaz reveals what sources for creation and distribution B2B content marketers most rely on. For example, most rely on case studies and client success stories, but to what percentage? All of this is covered in Ayaz’s article. Check it out and see how normal (or abnormal) you are by the number.

What Is Content Marketing?

You may not think you need this article, but when was the last time someone said, “What is content marketing?” and you explained what it was, and that person just stared at you with fish eyes, and then you started saying, “Well, it’s like (metaphor),” only to realize you were just confusing them further. Of course, Russ Alan Prince’s article is important for more than one’s ability to explain content marketing to outsiders; it’s also a great read to help current marketers gain perspective and definition on what they are doing and why. 

Top 7 Statistics about Video Marketing

We’ve waxed on and on about the importance of video in a content marketing strategy.  While we love words on a page for telling stories, video has different super powers that also need to be harnessed.  So, in the interest of helping you better understand the awesome power of video and of making you more informed about why you need it, we bring seven handy statistics. For example, did you know that video streaming will comprise 79% of Internet traffic in two and a half years or that 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text? The more you know, right? Okay, those two are freebies. Check out the article for other mind-blowing statistics regarding video marketing. 

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