Nothing builds rapport, gets traffic and makes sales like a good video, which is why every business should incorporate video into their website design. Why is that? It is becoming a growing concept that clients and customers want to get to know the ‘real” you – they want to get to know the actual human beings behind a business, and video makes that possible.

The Power of Video

Sure, quality writing is capable of showing off your personality, but nothing is better at showing off your personality than well, you actually showing off your personality.

A video can capture an audience in an instant and tell a multi-dimensional story of your brand and the faces behind it. That kind of dimension just isn’t possible with any other medium. The connection to your audience that is achieved with video is unmatched.

The Power of Body Language

One of the most powerful dimensions achieved through video is the ability to speak through body language. A person’s body language can sometimes say more than an entire blog’s worth of words. Without any words at all, a video can create a powerful message that will extract the emotions of your audience and draw them into your brand. Body language communicates more than you could ever hope to write.

The Power of Human Error vs Grammatical Error

So, picture this – you are reading through a blog and you start to notice one too many grammatical errors. {Hopefully not on our blog} What is your first thought? I can go ahead and guess that it’s nothing good. Maybe “unprofessional” or “uneducated” comes to mind. Nevertheless, continual grammatical errors are bad for business no matter how you look at it.

Now, picture this – a video featured on a business’s website that features unedited employee bloopers {or human errors}.  What are your thoughts, now? Chances are they are much different. If you are anything like me, the bloopers may even be your favorite part of a movie or video. People find these kinds of human errors endearing, funny and relatable.

It may be a double standard that we shame someone for committing a grammatical error while appreciating them for showing their human side in a business blooper video – I mean, we all make mistakes, right? However, double standard or not, this is another one of the reasons why video can be good for your business.

The Power of Setting Your Business Apart

What makes your business different from other businesses in your field? This is an important concept that should be communicated to your audience through your website. Especially true for startups, you have to give your audience a clear reason why they should choose you over the competition.

Chances are that other businesses in your field may even be blogging on a lot of the same topics as you, and they most certainly are offering many of the same products or services. But what about video? 

Video can completely set you apart from everyone else. Incorporating video into your website is a brilliant way to connect with your audience in a way that no other business is capable of doing. Your business’s story is unlike any other story, and it can only be told by you.

By using video to tell the story of your business, you can capture your audience’s attention immediately upon arrival to your website and deliver a message that is unique to your business. In the world that we live in today, no other medium can be as successful at achieving that goal – and that is the ultimate goal of your website – immediately capturing the attention of your audience and leaving a lasting impression. 

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