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What is IGTV?


What is IGTV?

There’s a new video platform in town, and it looks like it’s going to turn heads. Instagram is getting into the video game with IGTV, a video platform intended to give brands and influencers another option for connecting with audiences.


The Friday Fix - March 31, 2017


The Friday Fix - March 31, 2017

Unicorns, meaningful content, tips from millennial influencers, adopting journalistic techniques…phew, this last week of March has been a good one for content marketing news and to-dos. In case you missed it, we have the highlights covered in this week’s Friday Fix, which starts as soon as you fill up your coffee cup and kick your feet up.

5 Powerful Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from Journalism

Journalists are notoriously good storytellers because they know how to get detailed information and translate it into a compelling read. Nicki Howell has the scoop on five things that journalists do that can improve your content storytelling prowess.

7 Great Ideas to Create an Engaging Blog That Attracts Thousands of Readers

Everyone secretly (actually, probably openly) fantasizes about having a blog that knocks it out of the park with every post. While he can’t write your content, Sawaram Suthar can give you seven smart tips for making the most out of every blog.

How Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall Uses Digital Storytelling to Create Content That Matters

Haniya Rae isn’t wrong to point out that most brands are very hesitant to take a firm stance on political issues that gets feathers ruffled; however, Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mldenhall has no problem getting into the fray and using digital storytelling to advocate for issues he and Airbnb stand behind.

What the Commodification of (Snapchat) Stories Means for Marketers

As Bola Awoniyi points out (and you’ve undoubtedly noticed) storytelling on social media platforms is as ubiquitous as the ‘like’ button, but what does that mean for marketers? Bola looks at the current playing field and addresses how brands should respond.

7 Tools That Make Interactive Content Creation Easy

Interactive content has been getting a major boost since 2015. If you’re not already sharing quizzes, assessments, videos, or whatever helps your audience connect with your brand, check out these seven easy tools for content creation picked by Aaron Agius.

Like It, Share It…. But Will They Buy It?

Using the power of influencer marketing is all the rage, but as Katie Harper asks, “Will they buy it?”  That depends on whether or not what the influencer (or anyone, to be honest) has to say is of interest to the audience.

Marketers: Harness Tech to Transform Your Brand Stories into Powerful Sales Triggers

Success in content marketing isn’t achieved by getting just one thing right; it happens when you get many things right (at the same time). Lyndon Wood explains how marketing tech can give your story the edge needed to be its best.

7 Tips for Telling the Content Unicorns from Content Donkeys

So, donkeys and unicorns are both four-legged hair-covered animals that from a distance can look similar; however, they’re definitely not the same. Unicorns are much more rare. Among the noise of all of the content produced, there are a lot of donkeys. Larry Kim helps you spot the unicorns.

How Three Millennial Influencers Built Their Following (And What Brands Can Learn from Them)

Speaking of unicorns, Lauren Friedman takes a look at the most mystifying population, the millennials. Specifically, she provides the story on how three millennial influences built their followings (and what you can learn from them).

If You Aren’t Doing Content Marketing, You’re Missing the Boat

It’s kind of crazy to think that not everyone is “doing” content marketing these days, but there are still some who don’t see the benefit behind it. Christine Comaford’s illustrates why your brand needs content marketing (as well as the four keys to successful content (including the CURVE elements).

Ready to get on the boat with content marketing (or to jump ship to a boat that’s all about quality and meaningful content)? Contact The Storyteller Agency; we can help you create content that leads to enduring relationships with your audience.


The Friday Fix - March 24, 2017


The Friday Fix - March 24, 2017

We’ve officially sprung forward into spring, meaning month three 2017 is also almost over. Are you achieving the content marketing success you aspired toward when the year started, or are you still falling behind? Keep a spring in your marketing step by staying on top of who says and does what in content marketing; in other words, read our weekly Friday Fix. It’s the spotlight on who’s telling the best content marketing stories (and how!).

Developing Your Customer Profile – A Success Story

In recent weeks, we’ve highlighted pieces that emphasize targeting your content toward your ideal customer. Itai Elizur elaborates by showing precisely how a business of any size can create a targeted customer profile and go from there in a way that will be appealing to audiences.

Do More, Do Better: Purposeful Storytelling that Matters

It’s one thing to tell a story; it’s another thing to tell a purpose-driven story on a meaningful subject and to make a difference. Todd Myers’ piece addresses how to tell purposeful stories that matter at a time where doing just that has never been more important.

Shell Pivots from TV to Social Responsibility Storytelling

In the vein of doing more and doing better, Patricia Odell shares the story and rational behind Shell’s decision to turn their storytelling efforts toward social responsibility as a means to gain traction with audiences who dislike ads and to have an impact.

How to Partner with Data to Create Insightful Stories

We know (the right kind of) data can be used to tell amazing stories. Daniel Waisberg puts his spin on it explaining why you need data and how you can improve your storytelling with data.

And Then I Went Numb: What Snowboarding Taught Me about Cliffhangers

A great cliffhanger will keep you reading the next chapter and the next and the next because of the never-ending question of, “What’s going to happen next?” Bethany Johnson shares a real life story to show how and why your marketing stories need cliffhangers.

Stone Age Marketing: Storytelling Strategies from SXSW

Storytelling has been around since mankind first learned how to communicate. As Cheryl Conner tells it (and as we know), stories have the power to be expressive and inspire nostalgia and the emotions, which is probably why 1,000 people attended the @StoneAgeMarketing session at this year’s SXSW.

Customer Communication: Noise Versus Conversation

Kevin Lund’s article might be published on a site intended for car washing professionals, but the message resonates with all of us because we all agree that there’s a lot of content “noise” out there. Kevin addresses how to break through the static and how to tune into your audience’s frequency.

Dark Horse No More: Three Reasons Why Pinterest Is Killing It

Does your brand have a Pinterest account? You might not because other platforms usually get praise from marketers. If that’s the case, Jay Hawkinson suggests it’s time to give Pinterest a fresh look because Pinterest is growing (a few million pins at a time).

How to Use Ads in Instagram Stories

Pinterest may be on the rise, but you still need Instragram stories in your ad game. Of course, you probably already know this, but you have no idea how to do it. Catherine Hayden has to story on using new ads in Instagram Stories.

A Strategic Approach to Creating a Powerful and Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Though nothing can replicate the power of a story that resonates with audience’s emotions, Tony Adam reminds us that unless we have an effective strategy, there won’t be many around to hear or read those stories.

It’s time to stop guessing and to start knowing that you’re telling a great story that reaches your ideal audience. Contact The Storyteller Agency and let our team of talented professionals help take your business to the next level.