You probably keep hearing about Content Marketing and what it is doing for businesses online. Don't worry; we get asked the question "What is Content Marketing" on many occasions, so here's a little crash course into what we do and why. 

9 out of 10 businesses are now marketing with content. Content is the creative side of online marketing, offering blog posts, social media conversations, memes, videos, infographics, podcasts, hangouts...the list is only as limited as your creativity.

Content Marketing is a $44 billion industry, with a wider audience reach than you could ever imagine with traditional advertising methods. And when 61% of consumers say they ‘feel better about a company’ and are ‘more likely to buy from a company’ that delivers content, you can't afford to miss that opportunity. 

But what is content?

We like to describe content marketing as a conversation with your audience, and a successful content marketing strategy is an ongoing conversation that continues forever. The way content marketing works is this: search engines crawl the web looking for engaging websites (those that provide useful, valuable, humorous, entertaining and interesting content to their viewers). When sites produce a regular stream of a variety of this kind of content and it is well-received by the audience (as evidenced by page views, bounce rates, and several other analytics aspects), these sites are rewarded with improved search rankings and greater online visibility.

Need some help coming up with a plan? Click Here.

Need some help coming up with a plan? Click Here.

The  greater variety of original content your business is producing, the better your chances of having the most visibility in your industry. The kinds of content? Now this is the fun part. Creativity wins, and coupling that with a little old-fashioned SEO can boost your online presence and customer engagement by leaps and bounds.

The best part about content marketing?

What's up with the firefly? Click Here.

What's up with the firefly? Click Here.

Unlike traditional advertising, content is evergreen, meaning it lives on as long as your site and social sites are in existence. And duration is rewarded as well, with increased opportunities for page views and boosted site traffic. Think about it this way: if you purchase an ad on a website or in a magazine, the ad has an expiration date. If your potential clients don't see it within the window of the ad's contract, they will never see it at all. With content marketing, your content lives on for the duration of the site it is on. If it's your site, it's there as long as you want it to be. Simple as that.

Simply Content Marketing has plenty to offer to get you going on the right course, and we're with you every step of the way. We love working with creative people, and if you have an idea for something new, we're ready to try it with you. 

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