South Walton is a major tourist destination, and because of that the area is filled with options for vacation rentals year-round.  With the surplus of choices, creating a vacation rental listing that stands out among the rest is crucial. This can be a challenge, but following these steps will create a robust and vibrant VRBO listing that is sure to attract potential renters vacationing to our side of town on 30A, or anywhere.

Make it Unique

Like any form of writing, the information regarding a vacation rental should be told as a story. Writing in this way will captivate readers and encourage them to discover more of the story by visiting the property on their own.  Property owners need to include information in their stories that uncover the characteristics that make a rental stand out from others. Another way to make sure a rental is individualized is by eliminating cliché phrases such as “beautiful view.” Using bold, distinctive descriptions will better entice the potential renter to choose that property.

Use Words that People are Searching

It is crucial to create a listing with the goal that it will show up in Google searches. For example, when searching for a rental, someone may be looking for a “gulf-front 4-bedroom condo.” Using phrases such as this one in listings will help the property listing show up in the Google search results. Before creating the listing description, always think “what would someone Google to find my listing?” Ensuring that a listing is optimized for search results will cause it to have a higher rank in Google, resulting in more online visibility.

Give as Much Detail as Possible

Give readers everything they may be looking for by including as much information about the property and amenities as possible. If a potential renter has to search for answers, he or she may bypass that rental and move on to another listing that is more robust. Eliminating details about the rental can also make it seem as if the owner is hiding something. Being transparent and providing ample detail allows to renters to make an informed decision on the property and accurately determine if that is the right choice for them.

High Quality photos

High quality, current photos are key to a successful VRBO listing. Nothing is worse than a guest being disappointed in a rental because it is not how it looked in the pictures. Invest in photography, and make sure the pictures are up to date. Rental owners need to be as truthful as possible when showcasing their offering, ensuring that their guests are properly informed about the listing.  

Take Criticism

Vacations rental owners should frequently look at the reviews they are receiving, and take the feedback into consideration. It’s a good idea to tweak the listing based off of the feedback. For example, if a review says that the owner wasn’t very accommodating, the owner should consider making changes such as providing snacks or toiletries. Checking reviews often, responding and making changes will show potential renters that the owner is concerned about their guests.

Look for Inspiration

Some vacation rentals have hundreds of rave reviews, but how did they get to that point? Take a look at these popular rentals to see the words and phrases used in their listing. Researching what words others use, examining how much detail is in an outstanding listing, and exploring the type of feedback popular rentals are receiving can be extremely helpful when creating or updating a listing.

Do you need help crafting the story of your vacation rental? The Storyteller Agency has helped many clients define and share their story with their audiences. Contact us today to get started.