It’s time to “Fix” your Friday with our weekly run-down of what the most mindful minds in content marketing have to say on topics like transforming content with visuals, hard vs. soft content marketing goals, long-form content, and where else you can fit your brand story. It’s fun. It’s fabulous. It’s Friday, and it’s Fixed. 

The Future of SEO Strategy and Storytelling is Fueled by These 3 Components

Coming up with the best SEO strategy and storytelling approaches aren’t quick fixes; they’re more like nine-mile hikes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, which Steve Armenti knows something about. How? Well, you can’t phone in that kind of experience, and the same is true for content marketing.

Transform Your Online Content with Visuals

You know how you eat with your eyes first? Well, you also consume content visually before you process it some other way. Read what Jordan Sharp has to say about refreshing your content, revealing your personality, improving your web design, and more with visuals.

Should I Create Soft or Hard Goals for My Content Marketing?

It’s a question worthy of asking…do I go for hard (measurable) or soft (interpretative) goals in my content marketing? In this piece, Noelle Schuck doesn’t bury the lead on whether to or not to create hard or soft content marketing goals (though, the details are worth digging for).

6 Content Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren’t Trying Yet

You may have heard several explanations for what content marketing is, but it’s also likely that you don’t have the whole picture and that there are approaches you haven’t tried. Here, AJ Agrawal talks tools, telling your brand’s story, and outsourcing writing and editing work among other things as strategies to try.

How Adidas Tells the Story Their Customers Want to Hear

If your goal is to create content that’s engaging, entertaining, and worthy of sharing…the emotionally engaging kind of content, then take it from Matt Press that you’re going to have to embrace storytelling. Not convinced? Check out Matt’s piece on how Adidas did just that and won the hearts (and feet) of audiences everywhere.

Long-Form Web Content and the ‘Snow Fall’ Effect

In 2012, a long-form story published by John Branch had a transformative effect on how we view content. Per Richard Howe, what made Branch’s story so phenomenal was the perfect compilation of video, animation, slide shows, and, of course, story. Here he analyzes the Snow Fall effect and how to execute it.

This Major Content Marketing Benefit is Worth the Wait

You know the song that goes, “The waiting is the hardest part,” well, sometimes, that’s true, but thankfully, sometimes the wait is well worth it. In content marketing, there are some benefits that you have to wait for them to kick in, and in this piece, Kerry Jones reveals what they are.

Mad Men Who? How to Create Campaign Taglines That’ll Put Don Draper to Shame

Great taglines are the kind of things that audiences instantly associate your brand with, but in today’s world, it takes more than a clever saying (a la Don Draper) to reach audiences. Dana Harder takes a closer look at tagline tactics and makes the argument that having a tagline that ties into your entire campaign’s story is fundamental to success.

Four Ways to Leverage Social Media for Business Gain

Per Poonam Mondal, there’s a right and a wrong way to leverage social media to benefit your business. To succeed, social media campaigns need to be built around stories, to fuel community, to engage without bias, and to be complimented by traditional media.

7 Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Sometimes, it seems content marketing flows with what’s beneficial for business and sometimes, not so much. For those worried they’re not handling it right, Matt Brennan has the scoop on seven common content marketing mistakes and how you can dodge those uh-oh moments.

Creative Places to Tell Your Business Story

We often talk about how to tell business stories, but where’s another question that isn’t often answered. Sure, you know about blogging and Facebook, but where else can you share your story? Here we reveal the lesser known and less-frequently discussed ways we (and that you can) tell your business story.

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