Every business owner knows that their website, Facebook page and advertisements should tell their audience a little bit about who they are. But what else can they do to communicate with them? There are so many ways a company can reach their potential customers, telling them who they are and how they can help them. Here is our list of creative places for businesses to tell their story:

Email Signature

If an employee’s signature just contains her name and phone number, the company is missing out on a huge opportunity. They can use this opportunity to tell a little bit more about the business. Including a link to the business’ website and social media sites gives someone a chance to dive deeper into the company’s story. Though there will be more to the story than what can be included, a unique signature should peak someone’s interest and encourage him or her to discover more of the story. Here’s an example of one of our signatures:

Everything is in our company’s colors, our tagline is included and the signature is literally our handwriting. How much more personal can we get?

Instagram Stories

This Instagram feature is an extra chance to get in front of an audience, and currently Instagram Stories are the first thing someone sees when they open the Instagram app. Why not take advantage of the free, easy-to-use tool?  Learn more about creating the perfect Instagram Story here.

Business Card

If your business card only includes your name and email address, you are missing out on a major opportunity to connect with someone. You card should tell a little bit about you and your company and it should be a conversation starter, something that makes people want to know more.

Marketing Collateral

People love free stuff! If a company gives away swag, it’s in their best interest to include more than the company name on that t-shirt, pen or whatever it may be. When thinking of collateral to create, first think, “Is this something I would want?” If the answer is yes, then ask yourself “Is this something I would share?” If the answer to that question is yes again, then make it. Chances are, if the giveaway only contains a company name, it won’t be something that people want to wear, or stick on their car, or keep for any amount of time. The goal is to make the product so catchy (or convenient) that the recipient will make it a part of their regular lives, thus providing regular, ongoing exposure for your brand.

Partner with Another Business

Partnering with another business gives a company the chance to tell its story to a completely new audience. Whether it’s a local charity, your neighbor or a business similar to yours, spreading the message to a new audience creates unique opportunities for your business. We’ve collaborated with a few of our friends within the industry to create SheWolf Collaborative. Here we use each other’s knowledge and resources to share our stories and help a variety of clients.

Do you have any additional ideas of where to tell your story? Comment on our Facebook page to let us know. We love talking content marketing, social media and storytelling, so we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!