What’s your story? What used to be the most clichéd pick-up line is a legitimate question audiences ask your business every time they land on your page or look you up on social media. Audiences want to know who you are, what you stand for, and what you do for them to name a few things. Your brand story can and should answer all of these questions in a unique and compelling way.

How to Find Your Brand Story

Great, you say. I would love to tell my brand story in a “unique and compelling” way, but I have no idea what my story is. Look, we understand…you didn’t have an epiphany at the top of Mt. Everest or weren’t cave diving to rescue baby otters when your mission came in to focus, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a great brand story. Ask yourself some of these questions to tap into your tale:

·         Why did I start my business?

·         What obstacles did overcome to get into business?

·         What problems in the world does my business solve?

·         What does my business do for my audience? How can I show I care about my audience?

·         How has my business evolved?

Here’s a sample of what we mean: You once spent years helping harried small business clients at a big brand copy shop. Everyone was in a hurry and really didn’t have time to stop at the big shops for their print and copy needs, but they needed those products. Seeing this, you were inspired to create a print and copy delivery service for local small businesses.

Figure Out the Problem & Show How You Address It

An important aspect of knowing you have a story is being able to address what problem your business is addressing or solving. As shown in the sample scenario, we have a business that would otherwise seem boring, right? It’s a copy delivery service; however, there’s a clear problem, which is that small business owners were eating up hours standing in line at big copy shops. The resolution comes in the form of your business stepping up to the plate.

Have Style: Don’t Write Your Story Like It’s a Corporate Memo

Our example gives a story summary. When you write the story, give it style. Write in your voice. This is the time to throw out what you learned in Business Writing: 101, which is to always write in a professional tone. With your brand story, that professional tone is boring.

Instead, write in your brand’s unique voice. Are you cheeky and funny? Are you sarcastic and witty? Are you serious and straightforward? Your story should be revealed in your brand’s voice, which is the tone used in your other content.

Keep Your Brand Story Concise

Your brand story isn’t your blog.  It needs to be concise and straightforward. A short and sweet brand story will draw your audience in. It’s the beginning of your relationship with your audience. If you hook them with a great brand story, then they’ll stick around to learn more about your product, what charities you’re committed to working with, how your brand is evolving, and what your company hopes to do for them, the audience, in the future.

So, when it comes to finding your brand story: explore how you came to be, what you stand for, and how you help your audience. When it comes to telling your brand story: show the problem your company solved for the audience, tell your story in your unique brand voice, and keep it short and sweet for relationship-building results. 

Need help tapping into and telling your brand story? If so, contact The Storyteller Agency and let us help you find and tell your awesome story in your unique voice.