There are a lot of exciting things happening with The Storyteller Agency – one of them being our recent move to our new office in Grayton Beach! Of course, we can tell great stories from anywhere and we loved the time that we spent at our office in Miramar Beach. However, an opportunity presented itself and 30A already feels like home to us, so it was a no-brainer! We broke in the new office last week at our Open House Party and were overwhelmed by the love and support shown to us by our community of friends, family, clients and many new faces. It was a great night and we have the stories to prove it. So, what kind of storytellers would we be if we didn’t share some of those stories with you? For those of you who hated to miss it, allow us to fill you in on the fun.

We kicked things off with a wardrobe malfunction

It didn’t get as good as Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl, but we were hanging by a thread. (Literally) However, the stars were all aligned, because someone had a sewing kit in their truck (real men travel with sewing kits) and we unknowingly had a seamstress on hand. Luckily, we got everything taken care of right in time for the ribbon-cutting and there were no Janet Jackson moments. We know a good story when we see one and we couldn’t resist documenting this moment (and sharing it with you guys). Crisis diverted!

Walton Area Chamber of Commerce made it Official

Anytime there are giant scissors involved, it’s official. The Walton Area Chamber of Commerce came out for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and welcomed us to our new office. This move is a big part of our journey as The Storyteller Agency and this moment is just the beginning of so many exciting things to come for us.

The cocktails were made with love

Family values are so important to us here at The Storyteller Agency and we know that the love and support from family is worth its weight in gold. Whether you enjoyed a cold one from Grayton Beer Company, one of our signature cocktails, or even just an ice cold glass of lemonade, every drink was served up with love by our number one fan: Chief Laura Holloway's dad.

The food table was a party hot spot

Shrimp and grits, gumbo, smoked tuna dip, bruschetta - oh my! Grayton Beach Catering provided a mouth-watering spread of food that had all of our guests crowding the food table and coming back for more! In fact, we're still dreaming of those shrimp and grits and actually considering hosting another party just to have a reason to hire them again. Why not? We've never really needed a reason to have a good time around here.

A 3 year old won the corn hole tournament (and the party)

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” – William Shakespeare That’s the perfect quote that comes to mind when telling the story of one of our favorite Open House Party guests. Meet 3 year old, “Vivi” – the winner of our Corn Hole Tournament and later deemed the winner of the entire party itself. This little lady stole the show as well as the hearts of all of our guests. Thanks for coming, Vivi!

Chuck Lawson taught us how to play the steel drums

There were moments during the party when we could’ve sworn that we were relaxing on an island, somewhere in the Caribbean. Chuck Lawson, of Chuck Lawson Wedding and Event Music, did such an amazing job setting the tone of the evening with his seemingly effortless skills on the steel drums. We couldn’t have asked for better entertainment, and he even gave us a lesson or two at the end of the night!

New and exciting collaboration ideas were born

One of the things that we loved most about the evening was seeing all of the new faces that came out to support The Storyteller Agency. New faces come with new stories to tell and we love collaborating with other organizations in our community. We met some new folks and are already thinking up some new and exciting collaboration projects – don’t worry, we’ll be sure to share those stories with you, too!

For more information about The Storyteller Agency, or to share your vision and story with us, contact us here. And then go out and tell a good story.