Are you experiencing a lack of creativity? Searching for inspiration to add interest to recent pictures you’ve taken? Why not try something new? We’ve collected seven incredible photo apps that deliver special effects, photo layering tools, collage capabilities, and other creative photo app design elements. So, ditch those old, boring photo apps and try something new!


Searching for that unique spin for your photography? Do you find yourself sketching on napkins, notebook paper, or anything you can get your hands on? Why not try Sktchy? This app gives you the ability to connect with artists from all over the world. You simply choose from a gallery of referenced photos for inspiration or upload your own photos that can be chosen by other artists to draw. Don’t worry; Sktchy is not a drawing app but a great gathering place for creative minds and artists. So if you have a great photo you’d love to see from a different perspective, look into this app.


Photochop is an amazing app that really lives up to its name. Start by picking a photo from your phone’s photo library. You can then choose to either work directly with the tiles or try using the warp mode. When you choose to work with the tiles, you can rearrange the photos, rotate them, resize them, and even create a collage. This editorial tool can provide hours of pleasant and enjoyable entertainment as well as a cool end product.

PicLab HD

Is your Facebook timeline flooded with thought provoking quotes with powerful background images? Have you ever wondered how or if you could create your own? With PicLab HD you can snap a photo or grab one from your photo library and start creating. Choose from a variety of fonts, sizing, positioning, opacity, and other design elements.


With over two million combinations of effects, overlays, and filters, Pixlr has enough tools to keep you editing for hours. Users can add labels, layer images, and add text captions. This is definitely a must-have app for any marketer (especially since it’s free).

Camera MX

Camera MX has surprising features like capturing images from past videos you’ve taken, easy post editing, and fast photo management. Because of the intelligent image processing, you can capture moving snaps that be relived and shared.

Handy Photo

Remember that game winning action shot that was ruined by a photo bomber? With an app like Handy Photo you can clip out objects and move, resize, or flip them all while keeping the central area of the screen clear. With the Handy Photo interface, you can use the corners of the screen for the rotating menu options and to crop out the infamous photo bomber.

 Path On

When it comes to adding funky text to a photo, the Path On app is the way to go! The unique custom options allow users to create a “path” in which the text will appear on the image.

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