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The Friday Fix - June 17, 2016

Happy Friday, everyone! Father’s Day weekend is upon us and we’ve decided to integrate a few marketing tips into this week’s Friday Fix. This week we also tackle trending content, turning customers into the heroes of your stories, and the effect that visual content has on your online presence. We also discuss ways to create great inbound content and the process of personalization. Are you ready to get your Friday Fix?

Your Father’s Day Marketing Strategy Needs to Be Personal

Brad Friedman tugs on our heartstrings as he identifies personalized marketing strategies that are designed to reach customers on a more meaningful level. A few of the key notes from his ultimate Father’s Day marketing plan include taking notes from previous successful campaigns, hosting live events, and tapping into data from existing customers.

A Marketer's Guide to Reach Millennial Dads this Father's Day

Finding it hard to market to a new generation? Still trying to figure out your marketing campaign for Father’s Day? Rohit Roy lends a hand as he interprets the new age thinking process of millennial dads. Although this article focuses on millennial fathers, the underlying message applies to fathers of all ages.

A Simple Guide to Navigating Trending Content

You’d be hard-pressed to find an article that packs this much information into one read. Alex Jones uncovers the steps for navigating, discovering, and planning for upcoming trends in an ever-changing field.  

How to Make the Customer the Hero of Your Story

Who’s the hero in your story? Courtney Feairheller explains why storytelling methods that allow your customer to be the hero can be beneficial to your business. Every story has a hero, so why not let it be the customer?

The Free Design Templates You Need to Create Stunning Visual Marketing Content

Content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without. Crazy, right? Posting the right visuals can make or break your online presence. The good news is you don’t need a degree in graphic design or a massive budget to create impressive visuals. Pamela Vaughan gives us a clear picture of what visual content has to offer. (No pun intended)

10 Ways to Create Great Inbound Content for Your Association

Details like keywords and engaging topics can be easily overlooked when creating content. Joe Fuld reminds his audience why setting goals, getting your team involved, grounding your writing in a pre-established strategy, and attention to detail can increase member interest and engagement.

Why Do Personalized Recommendations Work?

Gaining the trust of your audience is a vital step in the process of personalization, according to Assaf Dudai. This article goes into great detail on how to base your personalized messages and explains why personalization is so important. 

2016 Father’s Day Buying Survey

Robert Passikoff talks numbers as he compares and reveals how consumers are planning to spend their Father’s Day. This brief and informative article covers various influences that could impact the popular holiday, including economic conditions and consumer confidence.

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7 Great Apps for Photo Editing

Are you experiencing a lack of creativity? Searching for inspiration to add interest to recent pictures you’ve taken? Why not try something new? We’ve collected seven incredible photo apps that deliver special effects, photo layering tools, collage capabilities, and other creative photo app design elements. So, ditch those old, boring photo apps and try something new!


Searching for that unique spin for your photography? Do you find yourself sketching on napkins, notebook paper, or anything you can get your hands on? Why not try Sktchy? This app gives you the ability to connect with artists from all over the world. You simply choose from a gallery of referenced photos for inspiration or upload your own photos that can be chosen by other artists to draw. Don’t worry; Sktchy is not a drawing app but a great gathering place for creative minds and artists. So if you have a great photo you’d love to see from a different perspective, look into this app.


Photochop is an amazing app that really lives up to its name. Start by picking a photo from your phone’s photo library. You can then choose to either work directly with the tiles or try using the warp mode. When you choose to work with the tiles, you can rearrange the photos, rotate them, resize them, and even create a collage. This editorial tool can provide hours of pleasant and enjoyable entertainment as well as a cool end product.

PicLab HD

Is your Facebook timeline flooded with thought provoking quotes with powerful background images? Have you ever wondered how or if you could create your own? With PicLab HD you can snap a photo or grab one from your photo library and start creating. Choose from a variety of fonts, sizing, positioning, opacity, and other design elements.


With over two million combinations of effects, overlays, and filters, Pixlr has enough tools to keep you editing for hours. Users can add labels, layer images, and add text captions. This is definitely a must-have app for any marketer (especially since it’s free).

Camera MX

Camera MX has surprising features like capturing images from past videos you’ve taken, easy post editing, and fast photo management. Because of the intelligent image processing, you can capture moving snaps that be relived and shared.

Handy Photo

Remember that game winning action shot that was ruined by a photo bomber? With an app like Handy Photo you can clip out objects and move, resize, or flip them all while keeping the central area of the screen clear. With the Handy Photo interface, you can use the corners of the screen for the rotating menu options and to crop out the infamous photo bomber.

 Path On

When it comes to adding funky text to a photo, the Path On app is the way to go! The unique custom options allow users to create a “path” in which the text will appear on the image.

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10 Quick Tips for Taking Good Pictures for Posting Online

How does your visual content measure up to other businesses in your area? This is a question that we all need to be asking ourselves. The world of marketing for your brand is becoming increasingly more visual, so it is important to keep up so that you don’t fall behind your competitors. Pictures are considered to be highly sharable content, when done the right way, of course. What makes a good picture great? We’ve got some quick tips for taking good pictures that will up your visual content game.

1.       Just say no to the zoom feature

This tip refers to when taking pictures with your smartphone – because let’s be honest, you don’t always have a professional camera on hand when a photo op presents itself. Smartphones have come a long way in the ability to take quality photos, but the moment that you zoom in, that quality plummets. If you can’t get closer to your subject, take the photo and crop it later for a more close up view.

2.       Natural lighting will never let you down

“That photo would look a lot better without the natural lighting.” Said no one ever. Making good use of natural light in your pictures is always the best option, but we understand that it’s not always possible. Luckily there are plenty of online photo editing tools/apps that can lend a helping hand when needed, which brings us to our next tip –

3.       Online editing tools and apps are your friend

There is no shortage of photo editing tools and apps at your disposable, so don’t hesitate to use them to your advantage. These tools are created so that you can make a good photo great, or even turn a lousy photo into one that is social media worthy. So, do some research, experiment with different tools and apps, and find what works for you and your brand.

4.     Take photos that serve as a backstage pass to your business

It’s important to invite your audience behind the scenes from time to time, and photos are a great way to do this. Photos of team meetings, behind the scenes of a photo or video shoot with clients, an occasional peak into your personal lives – these are all great ways that pictures can serve as a backstage pass to your business.

5.       Consider the rule of thirds

This is one of those age old photography tricks that can go a long way to making a good photo great. While it may seem like centering the subject of your photo into the very middle of the frame is the obvious best choice, professional photographers typically disagree. The rule of thirds suggests dividing your frame into three parts and focusing your subject into the right or left of the screen. Try it out and see the difference for yourself!

6.       Take pictures at community events that you are involved or participating in

If there is one thing that your audience likes to see, it’s you and your team getting out and participating in community events. Take the time to take some quality photos at these events that you can share on social media – using some of our other tips, of course!

7.       Add text to your photos

Photos that include text such as quotes or quick tips are highly shareable on social media, mainly because it is such a quick and easy way to get your point across to your audience without requiring them to work too hard for it. It may also be a good idea to attach a picture like this to your blog posts, highlighting a key quote to concept and making your post more visually appealing.

8.       Know a good photo opportunity when you see one

While we are big believers in living in the moment and not becoming slaves to our smartphones – there is nothing wrong with stopping what you are doing and taking advantage of a perfect photo opportunity, especially when it comes to promoting your brand. This is the world that we live in and you hold the key to the success of your business and its brand. If you happen upon a moment that takes your breath away, share that moment with your audience.

9.       Experiment with different angles

When you are trying to capture something that you want to share online, take the time to look it at from every angle. Experimenting with shooting from different angles can turn a regular image into a unique and creative one that will be more appealing to your audience.

10.   Take a picture that tells a story

You probably knew that this was coming, right? We’ve all heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” haven’t we? Be on the lookout for opportunities to take pictures that you can use to tell a story relevant to your brand – pictures that will make your audience feel something. Because you have a story that is worth sharing. 

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