Spring break 2018 starts in the next couple of weeks and culminates in the first week or so of April. Spring break appeals to multiple strong yet unique demographics. For example, families with young children and college students make up two large groups of spring breakers who every brand can reach with the right approaches and the right content.

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Target Audiences via Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way to reach a huge audience because there’s the opportunity for ongoing engagement and for follow-up marketing. Hopefully your brand is already active on platforms where your audience hangs out. College-aged audiences check their phones and social media accounts multiple times a day. Spring break marketing campaigns generally have a lot of success by creating Snapchat filters and by using stories to engage their audiences.

For example, Hollister used Snapchat to create a story about two guys who after the same girl. Hollister intertwined that story with user-generated content (UGC) from spring breakers, which enabled them to appear ever-present at all of the best parties. This is a great approach if you’re not physically located at a spring break destination where your audience will be.

Use Giveaways and Promos to be Part of Your Audience’s Spring Break

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Another way to use social media or e-mail marketing is to create giveaways. For example, if your target audience is parents in the 30+ sector, then chances are, you’ll want to create sponsored Facebook content.

·       If you’re located in a destination where your audience will actually be, run a promotional discount for your merchandise or services that targets audience members who will be visiting your area

·       Create a list of top ways to have fun in your area or a list of “best-kept secrets” that will ensure people have a great time

·       Do a “spring break survival kit” giveaway with fun and helpful products like sunblock, hats, Band-Aids, and bottled water along with some fun branded products from your inventory (t-shirts, gift cards, etc.).

The goal of this kind of outreach is to add value to your audience’s spring break. You want them to associate you with their fun. By being helpful and informative, by giving them things that make their spring break more fun, and by having your brand logo / image associated with their good time, you will accomplish those goals.

Embrace the Power of Ambassador & Influencer Marketing

The power of influencers is undeniable in all marketing scenarios but can be especially influential with spring breakers. By getting others to wear, use, talk about, etc. your brand among peer spring breakers, you can vastly expand your audience. Here are some tips for finding the right ambassadors or influencers.

·       Find people who exemplify your target audience and who represent your ideal consumer

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·       Find people who are socially influential and who have reach on social media platforms where you have a presence

·       Find people who have a specific game plan for how they will rep your brand in a natural way (i.e., wearing your brands clothes to clubs and posting about it on Instagram or taking their family to eat at your restaurant and blogging and tweeting about it)

You can find brand ambassadors and influencers at different levels. Some will work for free products or services while others expect to be compensated on top of the free merchandise. This is a small price to pay for what you get in return.

Thus, the key to effective spring breaker marketing is to target a specific audience in a way that adds value to their experience and that associates you with their fun.

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