TGI Friday Fix!  Not only is it the end of the week, it’s also the day we check out what’s breaking and shaking in the world of content marketing (what could be better?).   This week’s MVP marketing approach: zombie videos strategies that use lists.

10 Creative Ways to Use Lists to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy
We all know lists work because (1) of the monstrous success of sites like Buzzfeed and (2) because lists are so quick and easy to read.  Of course, knowing why they’re awesome and how to use them to your benefit are two different things.  Check out this easy read (because it’s in list format) toharness the power of the list.

39 Essential Content Marketing Facts
Hats off to Katie Martell for compiling this list of the 39 most compelling facts from the Aberdeen Group’s content marketing research.  If you’re wondering where your company stacks up statistically, this by-the-numbers list is for you.

Dollar Shave Club’s Content Marketing Strategy Since ‘That’ Video
From video marketing to social networking to charity, Dollar Shave Club is doing it all right.  This closer look highlights some of the DSC’s winning techniques demonstrating how their irreverent, self-depreciating human touch is just as effective as their One Wipe Charlies.

10 Lessons from the 10 Most Influential Content Marketing Brands
This list (see? Lists are on fire!) doesn’t limit its examination to one brand; instead, we get a rundown of proverbial wisdom like know and listen to thy audience, and know and be true to thyself (among other golden nuggets).

Social Media Content Marketing is Only Sustainable with Original Content
If your company is relying on a social marketing campaign founded on a culture of consistency, then stop what you’re doing and read this article!  Tips like focusing on traditional storytelling skills, editorial vision, and stepping outside of your comfort zone will get you on the right track.

What Facebook’s Evolving Social Graph Means for Content Marketers
With Facebook enabling marketers to target audiences based on interests and behavior, content marketing can get more precise and create more effective content.  One example: the level of engagement Heineken received thanks to quizzes and games.  Crack a cold one and see how the social graph can help your content marketing strategy.

5 Steps to Track Competitor Content Marketing (Case Study)
Much like when singletons size one another up when there’s a looker of the opposite sex nearby, companies like to size of up their content marketing strategies compared to competitors.  This perfectly healthy pastime is all part of the game and a way for you to make sure you keep improving and stay relevant.

Storytelling in Content Marketing: What It Is, What It Isn’t, & How to Do It Right
This is the second article in this week’s Friday fix that emphasizes the importance of authentic voice & storytelling.  This article highlights that most content writers aren’t story tellers and that if you want to get ahead, hire journalists to write content.  That said, somebody get me April O’Neal…now!

The 4 Stages of Content Marketing Program Evolution
If you’re in the early stages of a content marketing strategy, then a lot of the rhetoric on what’s trending might be stressing you out (just a tad).  Whether you’re in stage one (fueled by espresso and panic) or stage three (steered with data), just knowing where you are can help you tamp down any anxieties and tailor your approach for where you are as an organization.

The Challenge of Enterprise Link-Building in a Content Marketing World
This article focuses on the fact that the content marketing process needs to attract links in a way that either produces a return on investment or that accomplishes a core business goal.  If you’re looking to understand the challenges enterprise-level companies face with this kind of content marketing strategy, then consider this article a must-read.


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