Gone are the days of traditional marketing and for good reason. There’s a new way to market your products and services, and it’s called online marketing. This fresh approach reaches larger audiences, increases visibility, and can be much more cost effective. With the growing popularity of highly designed websites and social media, businesses are shifting their focus to online marketing. Today, we’re discussing why and how to invest in this growing field.       

Increases visibility

Through traditional marketing, it could take years to gain visibility. Fortunately, online marketing is available. This form of marketing gives businesses the opportunity to express their vision through different avenues. Publishing an eBook, maintaining a blog, or gaining a following through social media are all ways online marketing enables you to showcase your brand. This type of exposure can also increase the visibility of your product or the credibility of your service.

Increases relevancy

Relevancy is at the top of the list for any form of marketing. In today’s society, with the advancements in technology, online marketing just makes sense. Many of your competitors probably have an online presence, but even if they don’t, you shouldn’t be afraid to take the first step in your field.



More Cost Effective than Traditional Marketing

A study done by HubSpot revealed that companies who focused on inbound marketing have a lower cost per lead of 61% compared with those who still use traditional methods. So, with online marketing, your marketing budget will go much further.

Reach a Wider Audience

Having problems reaching your target audience? Looking for more exposure? With options like websites and the use of emails, online reviews/recommendations, and social media news can travel fast. The use of these resources can reach an audience that you may not have access to with traditional marketing.

Everything is Measurable

In the past, marketers had the time-consuming task of measuring their ROI. Gauging the success of an expensive billboard or the effect of the hundreds of pamphlets you’ve passed out is highly unlikely. With online marketing, the ability to measure results is what makes it a science, according to Forbes’ contributor, Jayson DeMers.

It’s Influential

Online marketing applies to every specialty and to almost every target demographic.  In fact, the 55-plus age group is the fastest growing demographic on Facebook. The online strategy is much more of a “pull versus a push” approach. With traditional outlets like television, you’re pushing your service on a viewer who may or may not want to receive it. With tactics such as SEO, audiences are seeking your service when they type a certain service or brand into a search engine. This makes your online efforts more influential.



Reduced overhead

If your online marketing is set up correctly, you’ll be hit with fewer expenses. This is particularly true in cases with businesses that provide physical products, distribution, rent, and other costs. The idea of online marketing has a decidedly different focus where outreach and content creation are higher priorities. Reduced overhead often translates to higher profit margins as well.

If you’re struggling to grow your online presence, it’s time to consider a solid online marketing campaign. Here at The Storyteller Agency, we provide step by step guidance to help you and your business flourish.