Hey there! It’s time Friday and time for the Friday Fix, our weekly rundown of the past week in content marketing. Take a break and treat yourself to a second cup of coffee along with an extra dose of content marketing knowledge. 

The Future of Content Marketing: 7 Predictions You Need to Know

You may be wondering why after the forecast for 2017 we need to know what the future of content marketing holds; however, Carrie Dagenhard brings to light some important things to consider in order to stay relevant like the rise of artificial intelligence as well as how fake news has made our audience’s more skeptical.

5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year

In case you’re still getting your strategy together for 2017 or you just want to make sure it’s first class, check out Danny Goodwin’s insight, which shows unequivocally that brand story should be your “top content priority”.

Election 2016: The Big Marketing Takeaways

Political campaigns are some of the most public examples of marketing. Here, Dan Curran analyzes the campaigns from the 2016 election to determine what’s a winning strategy and what’s not.

Is Confirmation Bias Ruining Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Confirmation bias is that pesky thing that happens when something matches your preconceived notions and you readily accept it…or it doesn’t, so you ignore it. Jayson DeMers addresses whether or not confirmation bias is cramping your content marketing strategy style.

3 Brands that are Revolutionizing Instagram Marketing with Live

We already know that Instagram Live is performing well, but who’s performing well using the latest visual platform feature? John Montesi breaks down how three popular fashion brands are leveraging the live feature of Instagram stories to much success (so, uh, take notes).

Content Marketing is Critical in the Age of Visual Marketing

There are many things that go into content marketing that help you lead in your industry. One thing Kris Ruby highlights for staying on top is a well-organized and –executed content library.

Social-Listening: 5 Ways to Really Engage with Your Social Media Audience

How many times have you heard that listening is the most important part of communication? Well, relate that to your content marketing strategy. Hear what Mike Templeman has to say on the art of social listening and how that can help you with social media audience engagement.

5 Important Content Marketing Lessons

Even though college probably ended many moon’s ago, school’s still in session with Candace Huntly. You can’t ace content marketing without knowing the basics like listening to your audience’s wants, choosing quality over quantity, and telling a consistent story (to name a few lessons). 

10 CEOs Make Predictions for Marketers

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you had a crystal ball to help guide your next move? Consider Kimberly A. Whitler’s article the next best thing. She reveals what 10 CEOs predict for marketers like more sophisticated video strategy, a bigger focus on PR tech, and more.

For Email Marketing that Sticks, Story Matters



Don’t just take it from us that story is the PB to your email marketing jam; take it from Charles Poladian who discusses why story is the key to email marketing but also how the wrong kind of email marketing can quickly turn audiences away. 

How to Incorporate Storytelling into Your Email Marketing

Email marketing can be one of the biggest lead generators in your content strategy’s arsenal, but only if you do it right (by that we mean incorporating stories). Apply these tried-and-true strategies to your email marketing for measurable results.

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