For the past several years, storyteller marketing has been the lynchpin in every successful campaign regardless of medium. Unlike tag lines, gimmicks, or other marketing tactics, stories are genuine. They have the unique ability to forge emotional connections with audiences while being highly memorable. For this reason, stories convert in a way that other modes of marketing don’t. Here, we share a rundown of our favorite pieces that explain how to market with storytelling.

How to Find Your Story: A Checklist of Questions

You can’t tell your story unless you know what that story is. This post helps you unearth the “who I am” of your story as well as what problem you’re solving, finding your audience’s story, and figuring out the stories to tell that add value.

The Difference Between Storytelling and Marketing

While the introduction somewhat highlighted the differences between marketing and storytelling, this piece deep-dives into explaining the difference between storytelling and marketing while also explaining how storytelling works in a marketing context and why storytelling is the future of marketing.

9 Ways to Incorporate Storytelling into Your Blog Posts

If you struggle to tell stories or if you’re looking for a checklist of ways to tell stories in blogs, then this post has what you’re looking for. It explains how to build tension, how to hit plot points in your blog’s story, how to appeal to your audience’s emotions, and more.

4 Tips for Finding the Story Behind Your Business

Your business is just like Spiderman or Batman; you have an origin story that is unique and defining. To you, it might seem mundane, but chances are, it’s great…even if it is ordinary. This piece helps you discover your brand story and it helps guide you to tell it in a truly epic way.

How to Incorporate Storytelling into Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important ways to connect with and to stay relevant to your audience; however, audiences tune out if your emails are all about marketing and making sales. You need to continue to share your story via email. This will enrich your relationship with your audience. This article details how exactly to weave storytelling into your email marketing campaign.

How to Use Social Stories

Every social media platform has a stories feature, and these features are more impacting than regular posts and videos, so if you don’t already know how to use stories on social media or how to translate your story into social stories, then this post is your new pocket guide.

Creative Places to Tell Your Business Story

Most people think of stories as lengthy narratives, but they can actually be short and poignantly told with only a few words or visuals. Understanding this helps you think outside of the box in terms of where and how you can tell your story. This piece explains how to use your email signature, business card, collaborations, and more for storytelling.

7 Reasons to Love Storyteller Marketing

If you love it when people like and share your content and when they visit your website, then you should adore storyteller marketing. Storyteller marketing has the power to stay with audiences over the long haul; it makes you memorable and lovable in a way that other forms of marketing can’t dream of doing. It’s also flexible and yields to different mediums. What’s not to love?

50 Best Quotes for Storytelling

In case it hasn’t resonated by now, stories are ideal for building real relationships between audiences and brands. To help you embrace your inner storyteller, check out this post of 50 best quotes for storytelling. Print it. Tape it to your computer and read it often because storyteller marketing is truly the best.

Using stories in your marketing has the power to transform your business, which is why we love them so much. If you care about building real relationships with your audience, being genuine, and taking a time-honored approach to creating something capable of standing the test of time, contact us, The Storyteller Agency, and let us help you tell your story.