If you ask Google what holidays are coming up, you’ll find there are those you expect…and then there are those that you don’t expect. There’s literally something (and maybe two or three somethings) to celebrate every day of the year. Your business should not only embrace the usual suspects but also those special days that speak to your business’s mission.

Star Wars Day

While May 1 is May Day and definitely merits celebrating the bridge between spring and summer, May 4 steals the show as “Star Wars Day.” When you say, “May the fourth,” aloud, it sounds like, “May the force,” which is a line from Star Wars. Needless to say, everyone gets in on the fun with Star Wars-themed memes. #Maythe4th be with you.

Cinco de Mayo / Derby Day

There’s always a chance that Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day will coincide. Derby Day is always the first Saturday of May. Cinco de Mayo is always May 5. While the standard hashtags #CincodeMayo and #DerbyDay will definitely do, any innovative hybrid you can concoct will surely be appreciated by those who don’t know what to celebrate. 

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13, and woe-be-unto the soul who forgets it. Help your customers save face while also showing how much mama means to you by embracing the spirit of Mother’s Day on social media. Use #mothersday and #happymothersday on Twitter and Instagram to bring it home.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day of reverence and is one where brands can do more harm than good. Rather than making your Memorial Day post about your business, make it about the people who sacrificed. Your audience will appreciate that you’re not using the troops’ sacrifices to boost your business. Use #MemorialDay in your gracious post.

National Wine Day

National Wine Day is May 25 and while it should probably just be referred to as “second Mother’s Day”, the annual bow to Bacchus is dubbed as the former. (We are okay with that.) That said, show your red, white, and rosé spirit with #nationalwineday and #nationaldrinkwineday.

Best Friends Day

Everyone may not have a brother or a sister, but you can be sure everyone has a best friend. June 8, AKA Best Friends Day, is the perfect day to encourage your customers to give each other a shout out on social media. #bestfriendsday #nationalbestfriendsday

Father’s Day

Sunday, June 17 is Father’s Day and it’s a day for honoring the dads who make the world go ‘round. In a culture where dads do more than ever, dads are often not given their dues (or at least are treated like running jokes), so stop and salute these men with #fathersday.

Independence Day

July 4 is the ultimate patriotic holiday, so get in on the good times by posting your patriotism across social media. There are a ton of hashtags to use like #independenceday on Twitter and #july4th #instagood #flag #america #fireworks #instausa #america and #usa on Instagram (along with #independenceday, of course).

Parents’ Day

While it’s not clear what parents do on National Parents Day other what they always do, you definitely want to give a shout out on July 22, AKA #nationalparentsday to let the moms and dads know you’re thinking of them.

Women’s Equality Day

Started in 1971, Women’s Equality Day (August 16) is celebrated in honor of the women who’ve paved the way for others. Post your support with #NationalWomensEqualityDay #WomensDay #GenderEquality and #RealWomen.


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