Look what Tropical Storm Cindy blew in…the Friday Fix! Today’s feature fixates on the latest news and ideas in digital marketing, interactive storytelling (are you ready to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) yet?), and ways to improve your social media strategy. Great. Go top off that coffee and come back for a little brain-boosting while you wait for the weekend to start. Happy Friday!

Interactive Storytelling Key to Empathy and Impact

Davar Ardalan is accurate in pointing out that all of the latest technologies (AI & VR) and innovations related to interaction are all aimed at doing one thing: enriching storytelling. Combined, storytelling and innovative tech enables audience interactivity on a new level.

What Makes a Social Media Campaign Innovative?

Innovation on social media is essential to survival, but what does it mean to be innovative? The ever-clever Jayson DeMers weighs in first explaining why innovation is important (other than survival) as well as qualities for being innovative (like unique voice, surprises, and emotion).

Can the Power of Place Help You Create Better Marketing Content and Brand Storytelling?

Location is everything in real estate (and in not getting hit by lightning), but is the same true for content marketing and brand storytelling? Liz Alton speaks of the power of place, place as theme in your story, and how to leverage setting in your storytelling.

Here’s How Artificial Intelligence and Technology Drive Brand Storytelling

Recently, we shared posts on the importance of getting ready to embrace AI and VR in your brand storytelling because the future is nigh. Beverly Macy has the rundown on the latest innovations, which include things like AI being used to measure brand storytelling’s effectiveness.

Storytelling in Marketing: Lessons to Learn from Your Competitors in 2017

The best way to be a better storyteller is to never stop learning new ways for telling stories. Brush up your skillset with Veronica Hunt’s top storytelling lessons to date in 2017. Among her tips are testing out sequence, playing with social media, and keeping it simple.

Finding Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

Like pretty much every thing, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about influencer marketing. Dawn Brotherton points out it’s important to find the right influencer for your brand to build trust with your audience.

10 Tips from Experts that Will Help You Increase Social Media ROI

Social media is ever evolving in terms of trending platforms, what audiences are into, and what media is gaining attention. Eyden Haze shares top on-point tips from 10 industry experts like: it’s all about the customer; use live video; and more isn’t always better.

What Brands Can Learn from Insurance Industry

If you’re finding the millennial code tougher to crack than the DaVinci code, you’re not alone; however, it seems the insurance industry (of all industries) is onto something with the millennial audience. Kristina Knight reports detail on these innovative approaches and how brands in other industries can leverage them.

3 Ways to Easily Caption Social Media Video

Everyone has seen social media videos that are accompanied by captions, which enable audiences to watch with or without the sound. You know how to make a video and to post a video, but do you know how to caption it? If not, learn how in five minutes from Serena Ryan.

Confessions of a Marketing Automation Addict

While it’s a true story that the future for digital marketers involves marketing automation, it’s also equally true that nothing can replicate the value of the human touch. Marketing automation junkie Mary Wallace explains why direct mail and in-person events are still important.

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