Social media can be your brand’s BFF or it can blow up in your face. How? Well, connecting with an audience across social media platforms is more than just posting and getting likes (so much more). As it turns out, for as many “dos” for thriving and surviving on social media, there are just as many never dos. Here, we have 20 things you should never do on social media (we and your audience beg you not to).       

Treat Social Media Platforms Like One-Size Fits All

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram (to name a few) might have some things in common, but it’s when you respect their diversity that you win.

Try to Have Presence on All Social Platforms

It would be as big of a waste of time to list every social media platform as it would to be to try to be active on all of them. Pick what works for your brand and stick to it.

Share Personal Information

Taking a flight? Your kid getting married? Declined to order dessert? That’s great…but that doesn’t belong on your brand’s social media site.

Make Controversial Statements

It’s fine for you to have opinions about the economy, social issues, politics, religion, etc.; however, unless you’re a church or a running for state senate, keep how you really feel on the DL.

Not Protecting Your Privacy

Bots, trolls, your mother-in-law, and that one angry crazy customer have carte blanche to post whatever they want (using whatever language they want) on your profile unless you adjust your privacy settings to review and approve content.

Write Like a Second Grader

Your audience might forgive the occasional neglected comma, but they won’t overlook consistently misspelled or misused words.

Your Writing is Stilted

Don’t try so hard to avoid making mistakes that you write like a program.

You Work Your Brand into Everything You Post

You’re trying to stay relevant, but you also know that you should work your brand into your social posts. Um…okay. This can work, but if you want an example of how this can tragically backfire, see what Cheerios posted when Prince passed away earlier this year. (Our new biggest fear is dying famous and being poorly eulogized.)

You’re More into Your Brand than Your Audience

If you’re the lead in your story, you’re doing it wrong. Your audience needs to visualize themselves as the hero of your brand’s story. Period. It’s about them, not you.

Your Voice is All Over the Place

Your voice can be whatever you want it to be; however, it’s essential that it stay consistent. People aren’t going to trust you if you go from cheeky and witty to academic and humorless.

You Post Inconsistently

Just as with blog posting, you want to post social media content at consistent intervals; though, it’s fine to have the occasional unscheduled post.

You Post Too Often

All exposure is good exposure, right? No. Actually, you can drive your audience nuts. If you post ten times a day, chances are people are clicking un-follow.

You Treat Social Media like a Throw-Away

Do people post ridiculous stuff on social media? Yes. Does that diminish its potential? No. Make social media a focal point.

Your Content Styles Lack Diversity

Okay, don’t get confused…you want to have the same brand voice, but you want to use different mediums like images and videos to help you get your message across. Sticking to just text or just memes eventually feels flat to audiences.

You Fail to Evolve

Are you still wearing the same thing you wore in the ‘80s? Okay, possibly…bad example. But seriously, how about that hair? Yeah. Your social media strategy should evolve with the style of the times. If you don’t agree, then please, tell us how things are going on MySpace.

You’re Not Speaking the Right Lingo

Don’t try too hard to fit in with an audience that isn’t for your brand. Likewise, don’t use slang that you don’t know the colloquial meaning of. It gets super awkward when you suggest folks “Netflix & chill” with their parents.

Your Conversation is One-Sided

Your audience is messaging and commenting, but you’re not responding. You have to engage your audience.

You Wing It

Social media is not like marriage; you can’t fake it until you make it. You have to have a plan for your social media campaign. Period.

You’re Trying to Cut Corners

Anyone can “do social media” right? Not necessarily. Cutting your social media budget can be a (detrimental) game changer.

Not sure if you’re committing any critical social media faux pas? Contact us at The Storyteller Agency. Our team of experienced professionals can guarantee that your social media strategy is a complete “must-do”.


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