It’s finally Friday, and the Friday Fix is live. This week was all about brand storytelling, AR, and VR. If weren’t paying attention, worry not; this is a no-FOMO zone. The Friday Fix has your week in content marketing details covered. #noFOMO

11 Creative Uses of Augmented Reality in Marketing and Advertising

Augmented reality (AR) is increasingly popular for creatively connecting with customers, but how can you use it? Eleven Forbes Agency Council members put in their two cents with pro tips like using AR as your primary storytelling medium to thinking in 3D to getting creative on social media.

Food for Thought: The Art of Brand Storytelling

Ask 10 writers how to tell a story, and you’ll get 10 answers with only one being right for you. Thus, Azadeh Williams asked three marketing experts what it takes to be a great storyteller and got three insightful responses. The plot thickens.

Branded Content Can’t Depend on Creativity Alone

Just as man can’t live by bread alone, content marketing can lived on creativity alone, but that doesn’t mean to shut down your right brain. Instead, Dan Riess says to work your planning and distribution muscles as well as those brand storytelling ones.

That’s a Corporate Timeline, Not a Brand Story

Bethany Johnson is rightfully fearful that content marketers misunderstand what a brand story is. To first what understand what it is, realize what it isn’t: a timeline, a past action, an about me page, the byproduct of brainstorming, etc. Only then can you see brand stories for what they are.

Perfecting the Elevator Pitch for Freelancers

Erin Ollila’s advice isn’t just for freelancers. If you’re a brand struggling to tell your story or if you just want to tighten your pitch, take Erin’s solid guidance for a spin and turn your elevator pitch into a fastball.

How to See the B2B Content Marketing Light

Ashley Poynter is a firm believer in the power of storytelling (high five, sister) and wants fellow B2B marketers to move into the light. The key to getting your glow on is to realize that B2B’s new yellow brick road is paved with stories that help audiences.

If Your Case Studies Aren’t Telling a Story, You’re Making a Mistake

Case studies can either be used to tell amazing stories and drive critical points home, or they can be used to put you to sleep while you’re drinking coffee. Megan Williams makes the example with healthcare case studies pointing out missed opportunities for great storytelling.

How to Prepare Your Content Strategy for Virtual Reality

No doubt, VR has been in your periphery for over a year, but now it’s time to start thinking about it as part of your strategy. Pratik Dholakiya shares three ways (like immersive storytelling) for you to use VR in your strategy’s near future.

Report: Long-Form Video Commands 55% of Time Spent with Smartphones

You knew most content was consumed on mobile devices, but you may not have known that 55% of that time was commanded by long-form video. David Kirpatrick shares the details, which are useful for to plan your next video.

Five Tips for Building Better Loyalty Emails

Email marketing is hotter than you think, and loyalty programs are a great way to drive lifelong bonds with your audience. Vivek Sharma details five tips (like telling stories with relationship history) to build better loyalty emails.

How to Use Social Stories

You’ve heard of social stories, but how do you choose and use them? No matter which platform works for you, create content that shares the real you, and you can’t lose.

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