HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s Mother’s Day weekend and in keeping with the theme of up and coming marketing and storytelling news, we have some shout-outs for the mothers out there in this week’s Friday-Fix. We will talk about how some companies hit the storytelling jackpot using Mother’s Day advertising. We also have some news on how to keep your marketing strategies current in this technologically advanced world using social media platforms, visual storytelling and even mobile-friendly web design. This week’s Friday-Fix may have you rolling your eyes at the thought of embracing the ‘selfie generation’s’ way of doing business, or calling your mom in tears after watching a Minute-Maid commercial. This is good stuff, folks – don’t miss it!



5 Tips for Great Storytelling Through Instagram

Social media has become like an oxygen supply to the world of marketing – crucial to the survival of your brand or product. Or maybe a better way to describe it would be comparing it to my relationship with chocolate cake – maybe I could survive without it, but why would I want to try? In this article, Patrick MacGougan points out that having a goal, a relatable character and instilling the right emotion in your audience are some of the components to storytelling through Instagram – because a picture of someone tasting chocolate cake for the very first time is way more interesting than simply a picture of a chocolate cake.

5 Commercials That Nailed Storytelling for Mother’s Day



Mother’s Day weekend is upon us and we all have the ‘warm and fuzzies.’ Associate Editor of Direct Marketing News, Elyse Dupre, talks about how Minute Maid, Pandora, Pampers, P&G and Cardstore.com created commercials that prove storytelling to be a powerful method of marketing, or as she calls it “the mother of all marketing.” Tip: Don’t forget the tissues and expect a strong desire to hug your mom immediately after watching.

5 Ways a Mobile-First Strategy Can Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

Just as social media has crept its way into the marketing world, the importance of mobile-friendly web design is making a wave as well. According to web designer, Brad Frost, mobile-friendly design should be a priority rather than an afterthought, which is his basic definition of a mobile-first strategy. Consumers all over the world are now preferring the use of a mobile device, and are spending a daily average of 4.7 hours on their smartphone. This is a great article on how incorporating a mobile-first strategy into your overall marketing scheme can help you connect with a larger audience.

Bring New Depth to Brand Storytelling with Short-Form Video

Video Storytelling is nothing new to marketing strategists, but there is a new trend on the rise – using short-form videos to deliver relevant visual experiences to consumers. Turns out you can keep it short and sweet and still attract and engage an even larger targeted audience. In a world of shorter attention spans, this strategy is beginning to skyrocket. This article supplies a wealth of knowledge on how to create a creative, timely yet relevant short-form video and how to find user-friendly production apps that make the process easy and convenient.

No Selfies Required When Marketing to Millennials



Chances are, the mere inclusion of the word ‘selfie’ in the title of this article will make you want to read it. That is the world that we live in, and that is also the point being made here in this article. Smart businesses know that the best way to deal with the generation gap is to cut it out – or shorten it as much as possible. Generation Y is quickly becoming the largest demographic in our workforce and their way of thinking and doing is shaping the way that we do business – or it should, rather – it’s time to connect with the technologically connected generation.

Reach Moms Through Storytelling and Podcasts

Give the gift of podcasts this Mother’s Day! Podcasts are a great way to connect with your audience and this week we have mothers on our brain. Holly Pavlika talks about how women can connect with one another through incorporating podcasts into their blogs, as well as how podcasts can be a convenient way for moms to connect with the social world and provide entertainment amidst daily mundane tasks.

3 Other Social Media Platforms You Should Consider

With so many social media platforms available, it can be hard to decide which ones are right for your business. As Caitlin Burns, a business strategist for media companies, puts it, “Figuring out the best way to put your business out there in the world requires you to know yourself and understand how to feature your project.” This article talks about 3 of the social media platforms that you may not be considering, but should.