It’s always a happy Friday around here because the last day of the workweek is when we post the Friday Fix, a weekly rundown of what’s trending in content marketing. So, grab a coffee or tea or whatever’s trending in your favorite mug, and follow along.

The Epidemic of Sensationalism is Poisoning Digital Storytelling

Chances are, sensationalism has crept into your life just like it has for Nicole Brown (where you end normal sentences in a text with exclamation marks…why, though?). Unfortunately, this need for exclamation and hyperbole to seem engaging, positive, and interested is having a not-so-sensational effect on digital storytelling.

How Video Marketing Can Transform Your Funnel

Video can do wonders for your content marketing. Take it from Ryan Clutter writes about using video ads, video in e-mail campaigns, video on landing pages, live video (the coolest kid in the class this year), and more.

Why Video Has become the Hottest Digital Marketing Trend

There are many channels for content marketing, but video smokes them all. Megan Totka explains how for some obvious reasons (like your awesome brand story is even better and can answer even more questions in video format) and some not so obvious (like video ads in search results).

Making Videos for Social Media: The Do’s & Don’ts

You know you have to make video, but like everything, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Evelyn Timson’s list of do’s & don’ts is a good reference guide for how best to tell those visual stories.

How Micro-Influencers are Becoming Essential to Marketers

In case you missed it, influencers are essential to content marketers in 2017. As Michael Quoc tells it, micro-influencers, influencers who are appealing to smaller brands with smaller budgets, are as important as their big-budget counterparts.

Five Content Marketing Examples from Dating Sites and Apps

Valentine’s Day 2017 may have come and gone, but both the candy and the takeaways from purveyors of romantic hope are still relevant. Nikki Gilliland weighs in on how dating sites cleverly leverage content to reach audiences.

Why You Shouldn’t Base Your Content Marketing Strategy on Visitors Alone

Measuring ROI is a must, and visitor count seems like a good place to start, but expert Jayson DeMers warns that your content strategy’s basis needs a little more substance.

Why Your Content Marketing is Failing and How to Fix It

You’ve read all of the how-do and do and don’t-do guides, and your content marketing still isn’t taking off. Let John Rampton spell it out…there’s no shortcut for the legwork behind your content strategy and story.

7 Creative Ways to Revamp Your Content Marketing

Due to high demands and limited time, your content marketing strategy can feel more like a rat race than anything creative. Give your content marketing strategy new life by following AJ Agrawal’s advice on getting creative.

Obama Reveals Important Content Marketing Lessons from Presidential Elections

Presidential campaigns are some of the biggest marketing productions in any country. Scott Aughtmon explores lessons learned from the 2016 elections as well as commentary from former President Obama.

Brand Storytelling: 4 Tips for Finding the Story Behind Your Business

Your brand story is your primary introduction between you and your audience, so it needs to be one heck of a story that answer the questions of who you are and what problems your brand solves for your audience.

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