A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, in this day and age and in relation to your brand’s marketing strategy, the right picture or series of pictures, can be worth a whole lot more than that. Visual storytelling can take your marketing strategy to new levels by captivating and inspiring your audience and generating genuine interest in your brand. An image or video has a way of immediately grabbing the attention of your audience in a way that content alone cannot. Let’s dive in to the world of visual storytelling and discover what it can bring to the table for your brand.

Powerful Visuals Evoke Deeper Emotion & Engagement from Your Audience

There is a lot of power behind tapping into the emotions your audience and visual imagery is the power tool that your brand needs to get started. People tend to connect more to images and video than plain text content and that connection is more likely to evoke a response from your target audience. That’s what it’s all about, right? Evoking a positive response from your audience that will generate leads for your business.

»     Use visuals that are relevant to your brand, but are also relatable to your audience.

»     Create visuals that humanize your brand – showcase the humorous, empathetic and compassionate side of your brand.

»     Experiment and discover what types of visuals evoke the most engagement from your audience and incorporate that into your strategy.

Develop a Strategy that is Consistent with Your Brand

What is the purpose of your visual strategy? Before you start pumping visuals out to your audience, it is important to figure out the goals of your visual storytelling strategy.



»     Do you want to create a series of visuals to tell the story of your brand?

»     Do you want to develop a visual campaign strategy to showcase a specific product or service?

»     Do you want to create and attach eye-catching imagery to blog posts or relatable social media content to grab the attention of your audience?

»     Do you want to create a video series to showcase and humanize your brand’s personality?

These are all things that can be accomplished through incorporating visuals into your marketing strategy. Once you develop a strategy that is consistent with your brand and its voice, the opportunities are endless with the power of visuals.

Authenticity is Key

It is important to create visuals that are authentic to your brand. Telling your story in this way can help your business to stand out in the marketplace. By engaging your audience in a unique way you’ll increase your brand awareness, convey your company’s unique benefits and build an audience that genuinely wants to be a part of your story.

»     Choose or create images that are consistent with your brand.

»     Incorporate imagery or video that gives your audience a backstage pass to your business and the faces behind it.

»     Showcase the products or services that make your business unique to its competitors – and do it in a creative way.

Personalize Your Visual Content for each Social Media Platform



What works on Facebook may not work on Twitter or Instagram – try not to bore your audience by spraying the same content across all of your platforms. Each social media platform is designed to help you reach a different type of audience, so it only makes sense that the same content may not work across the board.

»     Also, if you are sharing the exact same content on all of your social media platforms, what reason would your audience have to follow you on all of them?

Your audience will be less likely to check in on any of your other platforms, which will decrease your social media traffic and engagement. Develop a visual strategy that caters to each individual platform and develop a unique and organic following for each one.

Create Visual Content that is Useful to Your Audience

An eye-grabbing infographic packed full of useful information will go a long way on most social media platforms, Twitter especially. Infographics provide a quick and easy way for you to educate your audience, as well as impress them. People don’t always have the time to sit and scan or read a lengthy article or blog, so the right infographic is sure to be pleasing to the audience’s eye and will leave a lasting impression. 

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