Happy Friday to you, dear reader. If your week has been anything like ours’, you’re more than ready to pack up your editorial calendar, tweet out one last slightly-offensive political post, and head into your weekend with as few plans as possible. But first, let’s talk about the week in content marketing and storytelling. What’s new? Well, predictions for the future of digital marketing, email marketing tips, a new social media app…basically news you should read now before checking out completely for the weekend. Just think of it as getting ahead for next week.

6 Ways to Win the Video Marketing Game

Many brands are adopting video marketing into their communication strategy, but are they exceling? Business2Comunity tells us that sharing success stories, highlighting a commitment to community and live video streaming are all needed to win at video marketing.

Facebook Launches Standalone “Events” Discovery and Calendar App

With so many recent new features coming out on Facebook, such as Facebook for Business and Marketplace, the platform is proving once again that it is social media king with its new event app. This article on TechCrunch tells how Facebook Events allows the 650 million people who use the event feature to find events nearby. The app also syncs with iPhone or Google calendars to show all upcoming appointments in one place.

The Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing is constantly changing and evolving with technology, but what’s next? In this Business2Community article, Angie Geffen says mobile, social media and video will all greatly affect the future of content marketing and how your business will be affected by the changes.

How Entrepreneurs Should Craft a Communications Strategy

PRDaily emphasizes that communication strategy should focus on storytelling and building authentic relationships. Lindsey Cosner shares that defining a brand voice, communicating authentically and developing a target audience are key in crafting the perfect story.

What is the “Holy Grail” of Marketing?

The “holy grail” of marketing has progressed within recent years. With in-depth research, AdExchanger discovered today’s “holy grail,” but is it obtainable? Martin Kihn says multichannel attribution is key.

On Marketing: Is Your Marketing an Investment or an Expense?

Marketing is either an investment or an expense to a company. The News Leader says businesses need to ensure that they take the investment approach to marketing because customers can tell the difference and results depend on it.

Your Most Effective Marketing Assets May be Hiding in Your Fans’ Social Activity

Do customers own companies’ greatest asset? Jordan Kasteler with Marketing Land says they do. This powerful marketing tool causes a 75-percent increase in revenue per visitor. Discover the secret found in your followers’ social media pages.

Mistakes Your Business is Making on Social Media

Many times, social media profiles are the first impression a potential customer has with a brand. This article from our own blog discusses how companies need to ensure they are not making costly mistakes on social media that deter people from investing in their business.

Ten Ways to Freshen-Up Your Email Marketing

Email has consistently proven to give one of the highest returns on investment, but many companies do not invest in quality email marketing strategies. Econsultancy says engaging content, A/B testing and responsive design result in optimum return on email marketing.

For Brands, Twitter Interaction Proves Profitable

Though recent news says Twitter engagement is declining, PRDaily says Twitter has proven to be a smart investment for brands. Data shows that millions of users use Twitter to interact with companies and express their opinions about brands. If these companies reciprocate the interaction, consumer spending increases and the consumers are likely to share their positive interaction on social media.

What Will Drive Digital Marketing in 2017?

Digital marketing is constantly advancing, but what major changes are ahead in 2017? In this Huffington Post article, AJ Agrawal says that everyone should expect augmented reality, virtual reality and an overall increase in video content. Check out the details for the future of digital marketing.

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