“It’s Friday. Time to go make stories for Monday.” We’re not sure who said it, but that’s pretty sound advice especially since today is Cinco de Mayo. Of course, before you set sail into the tequila sunrise, check out this week’s Friday Fix, our agency’s weekly run down of what’s going on in the world of content marketing. Muy bien.

How to Master the Art of Storytelling with Your Photography

Jennifer Tonetti Spellman is a photojournalist who reveals her process in composing a narrative through a series of candid shots. Every picture tells a story, but it takes a keen eye and practice to compose a photographic journey with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

The Value of Journalistic Storytelling in 2017

The shift away from print journalism has effectively taken place; however, as Julia Ogden points out, though we’ve gone digital, communication is still about story. Julia discusses how to harness storytelling through video media.

Want Better Content? Turn Freelance Writing Assignments into Storytelling Opportunities

Not all writers are the same nor are all marketers storytellers. Taylor Holland’s article explains how freelance writers craft stories around your brand in a uniquely engaging way. The article makes a case as to why you want to pay people who love storytelling to tell your brand’s story.

Creative Storytelling Lessons from Animated Scientific Communicator Richard Feynman

If you don’t believe that packaging is as important as content, Nicola Brown’s article is for you. Using Richard Feynman’s fun, visual approach in talking about scientific subject matter, Brown makes the case for being humorous and light in storytelling while keeping packaging in mind.

Augment, Virtual Technology Boosts Storytelling and Revenue Streams

If you are curious about how storytelling through contrived worlds can be effective, let Ellen Wolff guide you through the wonderful world of animated storytelling and the AR and VR experiences currently delighting audiences and boosting revenue streams.

The Evolution of Story-Telling and Its Part in ROI

Just as storytelling has evolved, so has measuring results. Rhiannon Thompson gives a brief rundown of the evolution of storytelling and advises to put away the glossy, monthly ROI reports and instead to go with A/B testing.

User-Generated Content: What Your Brand Can Learn from Spotify

Brands love UGC, and it’s not hard to guess why. Jason Warnock breaks down how Spotify’s UGC-based campaigns work and advises how you can work them into your marketing strategy.

What Content Marketers and Marketers Can Learn from 8 Year Old Boy Who Really Wanted a Cheeseburger

If you didn’t hear the story about the eight-year-old boy who stole his parent’s car to get a cheeseburger, Josic Media has it here. What’s more, Josic explains how the story relates to content marketing and to great storytelling.

Marketers Have Forgotten the Point of Content Marketing

Okay, Steve Radick isn’t saying that everyone has forgotten the point of content marketing, but if it’s no longer about storytelling and customer collaboration and is only about impressions, views, and likes, then you’ve lost your way. Let Steve get you back on track.

How to Create New Content Ideas to Meet Customer Curiosity

Your audience has needs, and your job is to meet those needs. Hassan Mansoor provides smart tips for doing just that such as sharing relational stories, using empathetic Qs and As, leading with a joke and holding back the punch line, and more.

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