Once upon a time, improving your SEO or search engine optimization was a super-fun game of keyword stuffing. Actually, we’re being facetious. Keyword stuffing wasn’t and isn’t super-fun; it’s tedious and ultimately resulted in a lot of lackluster content. Instead, quality content and blogging are where it’s at when it comes to boosting your SEO.

Quality Content Leads to Longer Page Visits

First, in case you’re not clear, SEO is the acronym used for process by which Google algorithms find and rank your page’s value. A valuable page has higher SEO than others, which means when an audience searches for content, pages with high SEO pop up first.

Not even two years ago, it was a common misconception that if your blog link on Facebook got a ton of ‘likes’ or clicks (hence why so many tried to trick algorithms with click-bait articles), then your SEO would get a boost.

The way it actually works now is that if your audience spends a lot of time on your page consuming your content, Google’s spiders that crawl around sites looking for indicators will take notice. If your blogs are the kinds of posts that are useful and engaging, audiences will stick around long enough for those searching spiders to take notice.

Higher Quality Content Leads to Better Backlinks

Not only will spiders take notice of your consumable content, but other websites will, too. When your blog’s content adds value, others will want to share it. Having reputable sites backlink your site’s content is hugely beneficial to your SEO particularly when those sites are highly credible.

Of course, there’s no way to build better backlinks other than by producing consistently fresh, quality content. (Some have tried to buy backlinks, but don’t do this. It will hurt you, not help you. The road to SEO success is paved with integrity and trustworthiness.)

Fresh, Quality Content Trumps Quantity

So, obviously, another indicator the spiders look for is fresh quality. To some, this means more content; however, more isn’t always better (actually, rarely is more better). Think of it as a meal. Would you rather eat a really mediocre three-course dinner, or would you rather have one incredibly fresh, well-prepared and soul-satisfying dish? That’s a rhetorical question; you’re supposed to want the one really good meal.

Your blog and site content works the same way. Quality content is going to get your site more positive attention than content that pumps your audience full of empty mental calories. Trust us when we say that if you post too much for the sake of posting, your audience will stop dropping by at all; their page views will be shorter, and eventually the algorithms will take notice.

In keeping it fresh, not only do you want to update your content on a consistent basis (in other words, post on the same day each week or every other week, whatever your strategy is), you also want to use different mediums for presenting your content. This is where really considering the essence of your story comes into play. Always ask what the best vehicle for telling each new story you tell is. Use video, images, podcasts, text, etc. as needed.

Today’s SEO isn’t about being gratuitous; it’s about giving something valuable to your audience while being true to your brand’s story. By having a blog that is comprised of fresh, useful content communicated via various, appropriate mediums, you’ll engage your audiences and improve your SEO.

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