Happy Friday to you and welcome to the first edition of your Friday Fix, the latest and greatest in Content Marketing news. If you're thinking about starting a content marketing strategy, or already working on your company's plans, these are the industry facts you should be paying attention to right now.

What Makes Content Shareable & Why It Matters for SEO

Content Marketing without SEO is like a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich without the jelly; it's just not going to deliver the same result. This Search Engine Watch article by Jayson Demers gives good information about the aspects of shareable content and how it affects SEO.

How to Optimize Your Content Strategy with Social Listening

Do you know what Social Listening is? If you're not, check out this Search Engine Watch article to find out more, and see how it can really make a difference for your Content Marketing strategy.

4 Amazing Things You Simply Must Know About Sensational Headlines

A great article may never be read if it doesn't have the right headline, and Nathan Safran has some great tips for creating the perfect attention-grabber in this Search Engine Watch article. 

Content Marketing Funnel: 5 Steps to Customer Acquisition 

Every great business is constantly looking for the next great customer, and Content Marketing is the key to customer acquisition. You know the quote "if you build it..." and it's certainly true about content marketing and what it can do for your sales process. This Forbes article has the scoop.

7 Ways Content Marketing Catapults Your Brand Relevancy

These days, it's all about the brand and how to reach customers with your brand's message. Forbes.com offers seven ways to use Content Marketing to promote your brand and for businesses trying to make an impact on their audience, this is a must-read.

5 Tips to Managing Your Content Marketing Strategy

How's your content marketing strategy going? The Business2Community team has five awesome tips for managing your strategy, offering some food for thought as you build your content menu.

Digital Storytelling and Content Marketing Masterclasses

Good marketing is about telling a story, and good Content Marketing tells its story digitally. The Guardian has a wonderful article about the importance of storytelling and how you can start your story today.

16 B2B Content Marketing Stats You Need to Know Today

Everybody loves statistics, and if you're considering a Content Marketing strategy for your business, these facts are hard to ignore. Business2Community's Ally Greer has the story and if you're doing any kind of marketing for business, you need to check this out.

Have a great weekend!