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How to Make a Boring Topic Exciting


How to Make a Boring Topic Exciting

It’s inevitable that we sometimes have to write about subjects that are as exciting as watching paint dry (or that we have to write about watching paint dry because we’re writing a how-to on DIY home improvement). Regardless, it’s possible to take any topic and make it exciting…no matter how slow to dry.


The Friday Fix - February 24, 2017


The Friday Fix - February 24, 2017

We’ve got sunshine in our pocket and that Friday Fix feeling because…it’s Friday and time for the Friday Fix, which is our weekly rundown of what’s going on and who’s saying what about content marketing. So, pull up a chair and bask in the golden rays of content marketing wisdom.

How to Quickly Turn Your Blog into a Top Industry Resource

Everyone dreams of having a must-read blog because…imagine the traffic! Cue Ian Cleary riding in on a cloud to make your dreams come true because in this piece, he details six things you can do to have a blog that’s considered a top industry resource (swoons).

5 New Marketing Trends Brought to Us Via Wearables: 2017 Edition

With advents like smartwatches, FitBit and other fitness trackers, and VR headsets, wearable technology has an established presence in consumer’s lives. Charles Poladian reveals what content marketing trends—like omnipresence, increased connectivity, and more-- that have evolved as a result.

Not Your Dad’s Content Marketing Trends—But Maybe Your Great (x5000) Grandad’s

In looking at what’s working in 2017, Tom Bentley goes old school (or rather, he looks at what trends have the kind of chops to drive real results. Live video (it doesn’t have to be pretty to be quality), an “email renaissance” and good old-fashioned storytelling (to name a few) are top 2017 content strategies.

The Power of Emotional Storytelling in Holiday Campaigns

Every holiday has its vibe and the power to trigger powerful emotions in audiences with just a mention of the day. Taylor Holland reveals the power of emotional storytelling in holiday campaigns and the best way to using holidays as a focal point in your marketing.

Tell a Better Brand Story with Content Marketing & Social Media

Jason Quintal nails what’s difficult about telling your brand story on social media: the limited space; however, it’s important to have your brand story on your social platforms. Jason Quintal gives the rundown on how to do it best.

Video Advertising Trends of 2017

Video is a numero uno important aspect of any content marketing strategy these days. Bob Reina explores video advertising trends of 2017 like live streaming, the appeal of temporary content, video plus e-mail, video storytelling, and more. 

How Snickers’ Super Bowl ‘Mistake’ Generated 1.5B Organic Impressions

Mistakes can have catastrophic results…unless they’re intentional as was the case with Snickers’ cross-channel storytelling Super Bowl live TV ad. Chantal Tode explores how the brand pulled it all together for maximum effect.

Content Marketing Myths that Businesses Need to Stop Believing

There are many misconceptions that folks hold with regard to content marketing. Mike Templeman aims to dispel some of the most common myths (like that content marketing is easy, that it’s easy to find great writers on the cheap, or the more content means more reach) in this piece.

‘Digital Sense’ is Marketing 101 for Digital Marketers Who Don’t Know It All

Take it from John Koetsier: being a digital marketer is hard. In this piece, John reviews the new book Digital Sense and explains what digital marketing is, why it’s difficult, and what Digital Sense brings to the table (and why it can help you up your content marketing game).

Intelligence and Investments and Other Key Content Marketing Trends for 2017

Take it from Lani Carstens that crafted storytelling is going to continue to drive trends in 2017, but what other forces are at work to be critical for strategies in 2017?

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