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The Friday Fix - May 12, 2017


The Friday Fix - May 12, 2017

It’s the Friday before Mother’s Day, and in case you forgot, worry not…KFC has Mom covered. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, then dive into the Friday Fix, our rundown of the week in content marketing. This week, we’ve got an extra-spicy blend of the good stuff with all of the “fix”ings. Dig in! 

Colonel Sanders is a Romance Novel Hunk in KFC’s ‘Steamy’ Mother’s Day Promo

You won’t look at Harlan Sanders the same way again after viewing KFC’s latest promo, but the blend of spices in this campaign works. David Kirkpatrick breaks down the new angle: mom doesn’t have to cook, the ‘Colonel’ is a romantic hero, Mom gets a free short-story romance, and you giggle at all future mentions of juicy thighs.

5 Reasons Why Instagram is Beating Snapchat at Its Own Game

Snapchat’s story feature started with a bang so big that all of the other social platforms quickly got their acts together and got on board. Now, per Tom Ward, Instagram Stories is beating Snapchat at its own game. The reasons are as simple as “it’s hard to find people on Snapchat.”

UX is Content: Content is UX

Andy Crestodina may have voiced the modern “chicken or the egg” paradox with this question: “Are these website items (navigation buttons, calls to action, positioning of images, etc.) pure ‘content’? Or are they part of a website user experience(UX)? Or both?” Joe Stanganelli shares the analysis in this article.

Storytelling: Using the Moth to Turn to the Light

You know you need stories. Writer Tom Bentley knows you need stories for your brand marketing; however, just because you know you need them, do you know how tell them? Stories light up a special part of your audience’s brains. Tom reveals his pro-storytelling tips and which brands are connecting with the best tales.

Mapping the Course: Storytelling and the Customer Journey

You can get a lot of perspective by taking a big step back and looking at where our customers are in their journey with your brand. Goran Pauvonic advocates doing just that with a customer journey map, a tool that helps you visualize the customer’s experience from their POV.

3 Things that Will Make Your Content More Engaging

Mindy Weinstein proposes the S.I.P. acronym for making your content more engaging. That is: storytelling, inspiration, and practicality. Put them all together, and your audience has something they can relate to and act upon.

How Small Business Owners Can Get More Out of Their Low-Budget Marketing Campaigns

Budgets and fear of not seeing ROI inhibit many a small business owner from making substantial gains through content marketing. If this is you, Hassan Mansoor shares several actionable tips for making your small budget yield big returns.

The Story Behind Nike’s Ambitious Effort to Run a Marathon in Less than 2 Hours

The fastest marathon (26.2 miles) ever run was in 2:02:57, and Nike’s trying to break the record. Per Angela Natvidad, while no one’s succeeded yet, Nike’s latest campaign to achieve the near-impossible is paying off big. Check out the story to see how, then go break your own records.

Visual Marketing Best Practices for Startups to Leverage

New company, new ad campaign…it’s all new, so where do you begin? Angela Ruth has the best-practices for startups to get up and out there.

What is Content Curation and How Can You Use It for Your Small Business?

No matter what industry you’re in, curating content can help your small business in many important ways. Nash Riggins explains what curated content is and how it can help you.

Unlike running a marathon in under two hours, succeeding with content marketing doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right kind of support. Contact The Storyteller Agency and check out our many professional services. With us as your coach, we’ll have you leading the pack in no time.


The Friday Fix - May 5, 2017


The Friday Fix - May 5, 2017

“It’s Friday. Time to go make stories for Monday.” We’re not sure who said it, but that’s pretty sound advice especially since today is Cinco de Mayo. Of course, before you set sail into the tequila sunrise, check out this week’s Friday Fix, our agency’s weekly run down of what’s going on in the world of content marketing. Muy bien.

How to Master the Art of Storytelling with Your Photography

Jennifer Tonetti Spellman is a photojournalist who reveals her process in composing a narrative through a series of candid shots. Every picture tells a story, but it takes a keen eye and practice to compose a photographic journey with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

The Value of Journalistic Storytelling in 2017

The shift away from print journalism has effectively taken place; however, as Julia Ogden points out, though we’ve gone digital, communication is still about story. Julia discusses how to harness storytelling through video media.

Want Better Content? Turn Freelance Writing Assignments into Storytelling Opportunities

Not all writers are the same nor are all marketers storytellers. Taylor Holland’s article explains how freelance writers craft stories around your brand in a uniquely engaging way. The article makes a case as to why you want to pay people who love storytelling to tell your brand’s story.

Creative Storytelling Lessons from Animated Scientific Communicator Richard Feynman

If you don’t believe that packaging is as important as content, Nicola Brown’s article is for you. Using Richard Feynman’s fun, visual approach in talking about scientific subject matter, Brown makes the case for being humorous and light in storytelling while keeping packaging in mind.

Augment, Virtual Technology Boosts Storytelling and Revenue Streams

If you are curious about how storytelling through contrived worlds can be effective, let Ellen Wolff guide you through the wonderful world of animated storytelling and the AR and VR experiences currently delighting audiences and boosting revenue streams.

The Evolution of Story-Telling and Its Part in ROI

Just as storytelling has evolved, so has measuring results. Rhiannon Thompson gives a brief rundown of the evolution of storytelling and advises to put away the glossy, monthly ROI reports and instead to go with A/B testing.

User-Generated Content: What Your Brand Can Learn from Spotify

Brands love UGC, and it’s not hard to guess why. Jason Warnock breaks down how Spotify’s UGC-based campaigns work and advises how you can work them into your marketing strategy.

What Content Marketers and Marketers Can Learn from 8 Year Old Boy Who Really Wanted a Cheeseburger

If you didn’t hear the story about the eight-year-old boy who stole his parent’s car to get a cheeseburger, Josic Media has it here. What’s more, Josic explains how the story relates to content marketing and to great storytelling.

Marketers Have Forgotten the Point of Content Marketing

Okay, Steve Radick isn’t saying that everyone has forgotten the point of content marketing, but if it’s no longer about storytelling and customer collaboration and is only about impressions, views, and likes, then you’ve lost your way. Let Steve get you back on track.

How to Create New Content Ideas to Meet Customer Curiosity

Your audience has needs, and your job is to meet those needs. Hassan Mansoor provides smart tips for doing just that such as sharing relational stories, using empathetic Qs and As, leading with a joke and holding back the punch line, and more.

Great content marketing is about telling great stories, which happens to be our specialty. Contact the Storyteller Agency to learn more about what we do, what resources we have, and how we will use those to transform your brand’s influence.


The Friday Fix - April 28, 2017


The Friday Fix - April 28, 2017

It’s time for the last Friday Fix before April showers bring May flowers. The Friday Fix is our agency’s weekly run-down of some of our favorite posts on content marketing. End the week on a high note; grab an iced latte and get your Fix on.

Can Long-Form Content Boost Freelance Writing Jobs? Three Word: Consider the Lobster

Jacqui Frasca’s piece on the merits of long-form content is a must-read for anyone who wants to tell great stories, produce content, and reach audiences. Jacqui’s piece reminds us not only of the technical pros of long-form content (Google algorithms love it) but also of the fact that a truly well-told long-form story will compel even the most time-strapped members of your audience to stop and to immerse themselves.

Chase Reaches Millennials via Sponsored Content in theSkimm

Chances are, you’re familiar with theSkimm (you might even subscribe); however, you might not be aware that theSkimm’s highest readership is comprised of millennials. Carolee Bennett’s article analyzes how theSkimm appeals to them and why Chase chose to use them. The real take-away is seeing how theSkimm understands and tailors its content, voice, stories, and style to its target audience.

The Search for Social Media Authenticity

Often in the clamor to be present, brands come off as being inauthentic on social media. Joe Caporoso and Jeff Urban explore this tendency, why it’s not the way to operate, and instead advocate for committing to the right platform, to strive for engaged, not passive audiences, and more.

Top 17 Web Design Trends for 2017

A stagnant website (as in one that never evolves) is probably one that gets fewer clicks. Binay Jha breaks down 17 web design trends to consider for your website including things like: interactive storytelling, emphasis on content, and increased use of hand-drawn images for personalization.

The Secret Behind Effective Video Ad Strategy

Mick Loizou hits the nail on the head with this article about how useful video can be to telling your brand’s story. The key is to focus on quality and to tell a relevant story that connects with your audience.

Three Reasons You Should Consider Combining Your PR and Marketing Efforts

Amy Osmond Cook’s write up on why the Forbes Agency Council says you should combine your PR and marketing efforts is so smart and common-sense, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t always this way.

Your Content Marketing Strategy Determines Time to ROI [Inforgraphic]

Content marketing is a relatively low-investment but nets big returns; however, when you see these returns isn’t always as clear. Eric Wendt breaks it down by the numbers before explaining the elements of ROI and how to measure ROI.

The Secrets of Content Marketing

You’ve heard about content marketing; maybe you’ve tried it, but like a flower that blooms at midnight, you just don’t get it. Armando Roggio shares the secrets behind content marketing that you can use to grow your own strategy.

Brands are Testing Shoppable Videos on Instagram Stories and Snap Ads

Brands using Instagram Stories and Snapchat can now expect to use the content for both engagement and sales. Tanya Dua reviews how brands are testing shoppable videos, which enable users to swipe right and land right on the brand’s e-commerce pop-up window.

Content Marketing Trends: 80% of Consumers Forget Content within a Few Days

We all want our content to be memorable, but a study from online presentation firm, Prezi, in collaboration with cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Carmen Simon, shows that a lot of branded content is actually pretty forgettable. The three main reasons are: irrelevance, lack of motivation to remember it, and too much content.

Whether you’re content savvy or content curious, contact us to learn how The Storyteller Agency can help you engage with your audience on an unforgettable, emotional level.