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The Friday Fix - October 17, 2014


The Friday Fix - October 17, 2014

Hooray for Friday!  It’s time for the Friday Fix.  This week, we pick up on a few hot topics from previous weeks like videos, building content teams, and collaboration while also seasoning the pot with new thoughts and ideas.  For example, does your content strategy take a multilingual approach?  Have you glommed on to Google+?  Did you hear what the BBC did?  No?  Grab a hot Cup of Joe and strap in for your weekly fix.

How Does Google+ Work?
As a social network, Google+ is kind of the indie underground player that you’re aware of but you don’t really get; however, despite a slow start, Brad Kuenn explains that with 300 million active users and a lot of tools ideal for content marketers (Brad gives the run-down on those, too), it’s time to add Google+ to your social media playlist if you haven’t already.

Content Marketing & Journalism: Not as Different as They’re Telling You
If you’re like me and you think this piece is going to be another angle for championing storytelling in content marketing, then you’re wrong. What Nicole Jenet actually provides is a supported introspective regarding the grey area that serves as the overlap between journalism and content marketing known as “brand journalism”.  In this piece, Jenet proves that brand journalism does indeed exist.

God Only Knows: How the BBC Pushed the Boundaries of Content Marketing
We –and writer Nicola Kemp—get that most of you don’t have the time or budget BBC used to put together a start-studded video featuring Elton John, One Direction, and Danielle De Niese to boost the BBC’s music rep (or do you?); despite that, there are some very important takeaways from the BBC’s bold effort that you can put to work for your next grand marketing gesture.

6 Tools to Jump Start Your Video Content Marketing
In the past couple of Friday Fixes, we’ve had at least one mention of how video content marketing puts the awesome in the strategy sauce.  This week, Drew Hendricks takes is a step further and describes 6 tools that will help you get the footage rolling.

For Content Marketing Success Start with Creating a Content Team (Not Surprisingly!)
Maybe we should have called last week “to be continued week” because here’s further insight on the existential question: do I DIY or do I buy my content marketing team?  Richard Taylor casts the DIY or buy question aside and simply points out that in order to succeed, you must have a team.  He explains that no matter how you build yours, these are pieces you have to have (Content Marketing Teams: Some assembly required).

?HablasEspañol with Your Content Marketing? (You Better.)
It should surprise no one that one in six Americans identifies as being Hispanic, which, if you crunch the numbers, this means that if you’re not reaching out enEspañol at least some of the time, you’re alienating a sixth of America’s population (I’m not math whiz, but that’s un grand nombre de personnes, sÍ?). Luz Plaza not only explains all of this from her POV, she also shares details on having the most effective content for certain Latin-American demographics.

It’s Time to Take a Responsive Approach to Content Marketing
Dan Gardner and Steve Baer team up in this fascinating article to explain three ways brands and publishers can learn from one another.  They point out that brands over-vet their content making it feel disingenuous while publishers need to strengthen their focus on quality versus mass production.  Read on to get a better understanding of how branding can be the peanut butter to publishing’s jelly.

A Content Marketing Strategy that Goes Beyond Pushing Tons of Copy
Wendy Marx picks up the conversation on not being disingenuous with your content marketing strategy.  She points out that many approach content marketing from the standpoint of a glorified to-do list.  If you’ve been paying attention, then you know audiences are capable of spotting insincerity faster than they can spot Waldo on a black and white canvas.  Make sure you’re the real deal by implementing the three changes suggested in Wendy’s piece.

Content Marketing is Getting More Personalized and Helpful
You know how couples who are together for a long time start acting like each other and pretty soon you can’t remember what one was like without the other?  Well, content and other forms of marketing are kind of the same as in today’s content marketing culture; it’s getting harder to recognize the same content marketing we know back in yesteryear.   So what does this mean?  Nicole Fallon looks into her crystal ball and predicts the five biggest content marketing trends based on the marketing blur.

Are You Using Your CMS Wrong?
This week, Andrew Schulkind helps us show small businesses some love by talking about maximizing the usage of your CMS system.   Andrew keeps it simple explaining that your CMS’ power lies not with its ease of use but with its categorization abilities? Are you using those?  Do you even know how?  Read on to find out more.  

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