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The Friday Fix - January 6, 2017


The Friday Fix - January 6, 2017

It’s officially the new year! If you missed what’s been going on the first week in the world of content marketing, check out today’s Friday Fix and get up to speed on the what’s what to start 2017 off with a bang.

To Win at Content Marketing, Think of Your Brand as an Editorial Publisher

We all know what editorials are; they’re the happy marriage of journalism crossed with storytelling. They’re more authentic, have a voiceful quality, and evoke emotions better. Here, Adam Deflorian further explains why you should think of your brand as an editorial publisher.

Will Facebook 360 Change Brand Storytelling Forever?

Take pundit Christopher Hart’s words to heart (pun intended) as he suggests that Facebook 360, which was launched in 360 has the visual storytelling capacity to revolutionize content marketing and to “be second nature” to content creators in the future.

3-Step Guide for Telling a Compelling Brand Story

Jonathan Chan gets it…you’re not (insert favorite author here) and can’t spin a yarn like they can, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell a riveting brand story. Chan’s three-step guide gives you the critical nuts and bolts that (when applied) can turn anyone into a solid storyteller.

The Art of the Trust Fall: How Confidence Can Carry Your Content Strategy

Content marketing is often seen as low-risk, low-reward in that if you don’t take risks in creativity and innovation, the reward isn’t going to be there. While it’s important to be creative and innovative, per Jacqui Frasca, trust between audience and brand the most valuable plan in your playbook.

Why Marketers Like YouTube and E! Are Embracing Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments (now free) allows brands to cull and curate content from across the Twitter sphere, which is why, according to Sami Main, it’s so popular. There’s lots to experiment with and, if done well, can be high reward.

The Problem with Women in Stock Photography (and How Freelance Writers Can Help)

Erin Ollila brings a real issue with the availability of stock photography to light in that many images featuring women are needlessly provocative and sexist. She advises committing to only using quality photos that help to tell your story; your audience will appreciate your integrity.

2017: The Year Influencer Marketing Becomes Mainstream

Influencer marketing’s role in content marketing in 2017 was the talk of the town as we rounded out last year. In this piece, Kamiu Lee gives you an idea of what that means and how the culture will shift as influencer marketing approaches gain favor.

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Online Animated Video

Ravi Kumar says shares that visual content that brings out “bursts of excitement” is 200% more effective than text-only content, which is exactly why you need to check out these five tips for optimizing your online animated video.

4 Brands Getting Content Marketing Right

As we roll into 2017, it’s always handy to have a few role models for our content marketing aspirations. Here, Rachel Sullivan reveals why GE, Intel, Drift, and First Round Review are winners.

Seven Marketing Investments You Should Consider in the New Year

Getting your content marketing budget together for 2017? If so, heed the advice of Forbes Agency Council, a group of seven agency executives, on what you should prioritize. Video, social media, brand engagement, and great storytelling through media are among the suggestions.

Start 2017 off on the right foot; stop marketing and start storytelling. Not sure how? Contact us, The Storyteller Agency, and let us handle your content marketing needs.