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Choosing the Best Social Channels for Your Brand

Social media has become essential for brands to say in front of their audiences. With more and more social channels to work through, it can be difficult for brands to know how to best spend their time and money. Following these four rules will help brands discover which channels are best for them and what to post on those outlets so their company excels on social media.

Rule 1: Do not try to be on every social media outlet.

With the massive growth of social media outlets, no business has the time to be on every single one. The key is deciding which channels work best for each brand and the story it is trying to tell.

If a company cannot dedicate the time or the money to pay a marketing agency to manage their social channels, they will end up doing a very poor job. Like most things in life, quality beats quantity. It’s much better to have a proactive strategy for a few platforms rather than sparse communication on multiple platforms.

When choosing which channels to use to communicate, brands should keep their audience, their message and their resources in mind.

Rule 2: Know your audience.

If a brand is trying to target young adults, it needs to be on Snapchat. If a business is tailored to baby boomers, it needs to be active on Facebook. Once a company defines its audience, it can figure out which social media outlets it should be active on. Here are a few examples on audiences on each outlet:

·         Facebook—Facebook has the broadest audience of all social media platforms. According to Sprout Social, Facebook’s leading demographic are adults who have graduated college. If a business is reaching out to an older audience, Facebook should be their main social channel.

·         Pinterest—If a brand is trying to appeal to millennial women either single or with families, Pinterest should be a high priority.

·         LinkedIn—For professional communication, LinkedIn is a necessary tool. B2B businesses should definitely have an active presence on this platform. 

For more information on each channel, use this guide to help determine which is best for certain audiences.  

Rule 3: Have a clear message.

Many businesses will post because they think that posting something is better than posting nothing, but that is not always the case. Posting relevant, helpful content is key when sharing on social media. Before sharing something on social media, a company should ask, “Why are we sharing this?” If the answer isn’t clear, it probably doesn’t need to be shared. 

Rule 4: Be realistic.

If a business has defined its audience and message and has come to the conclusion that it should be active on five social media outlets, yet it has no social media manager to implement, then there may need to be a further conversation.

Companies need to realize the value of an active social media presence and acknowledge that it is a necessary component within a company’s marketing. This means that funds and resources need to be dedicated to social media. If a business cannot dedicate a team member, outsourcing social media to an experienced agency is a great option. If neither of these can be done, a company may only be able to be active on one or two outlets.

Do you need help deciding which channels are best for your business? The Storyteller Agency can help. With extensive experience in managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts, the Storyteller team can determine the best strategy for your business’ social media outlets. Contact us today to get started.



5 Reasons Why You Need a LinkedIn Company Page

What makes LinkedIn stand out among the many social media platforms? Well, it’s the largest social media platform that specifically targets the business community. With over 350 million users, having a LinkedIn company page can take your business to new heights. Whether it's improving your SEO, establishing connections with potential clients or maximizing your credibility, there are many benefits to utilizing a LinkedIn company page. 

1.       LinkedIn company pages are SEO friendly.

Companies that have a LinkedIn page have better search results and rank higher in Google searches, which means increased website traffic. Including appropriate keywords in the content of your LinkedIn company page will also improve your SEO.

Why is SEO important for business?

»     SEO is good for visibility and branding. When people search for your products and services, you want to appear as high in the search engine rankings as possible, but there is also value in simply appearing in search results for terms related to your business. The more people see your business or brand name, the more likely they are to reach out to you.

»     SEO provides credibility to your business. When your business name continuously appears in Google search results, people make note of that and it makes your business seem more credible.

»     SEO brings traffic to your website. The higher your business ranks in search results, the higher the chance of someone clicking through to your website.

2.       LinkedIn allows your business to communicate with a target audience.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity of sharing quality content and feedback with a specific targeted audience. Being active on LinkedIn is key and often dramatically increases your chances of starting conversations and creating new opportunities.

Tips on sharing content on LinkedIn

»     Your followers can be a powerful channel to help spread the word about your company the LinkedIn network.

»     Share a wide array of content with your followers – insightful articles, recent blog posts, company news, and more.

»     It is important to lead with useful content – while it is perfectly acceptable to post things to promote your business, make sure you are also posting other valuable content in relation to industry trends.

»     Stick to a regular posting schedule so that followers can rely on you to keep them informed and up to date.

3.       LinkedIn increases your business’s credibility

A LinkedIn company page is basically a tool used to showcase your business in its best light. If you utilize all that LinkedIn has to offer for your business, you can substantially increase your credibility and attract more clients/customers.

Tips on maximizing your credibility

»     Complete your profile and be as thorough as possible – include detailed experience, achievements, expertise, etc. in the summary section. Proper grammar and punctuation is key.

»     Include any honors, awards and the organizations that you are a part of.

»     Share quality content with your connections on a regular basis so that your followers can rely on you to keep them up to date on the latest industry trends and news.

4.       Attract quality employees

If your business is seeking candidates for an available job opportunity, LinkedIn is a great way to attract quality employees that you may not have found otherwise. Potential employees who are using LinkedIn to search for job opportunities are typically looking for a quality job where they can utilize their best skills and expertise. These are the types of employees that a business wants and needs. Since LinkedIn is the social network of choice for business networking and career advancement, top tier talent is likely to come your way based on the quality of your company profile alone.

5.       Expand your network and attract potential clients

As the largest professional network in the world, there are so many opportunities to expand your network and attract new clients with a LinkedIn company page. By staying active and engaging with like-minded professionals on LinkedIn, you can generate new leads that come about organically through shared content and daily engagement.  These new leads will help you to expand your network and increase brand awareness.

Did we mention that you get to reap all of these benefits for free? So, instead of asking, why should I have a LinkedIn company page, the real question is this – Why wouldn’t you have a LinkedIn company page? Because it doesn’t make sense not to have one.   

Do you have an effective social media strategy for your business? We know how to help you utilize the resources that social media can provide. Reach out to us at The Storyteller Agency. Call us at 850.267.0931 or send us an email to We can help you dig deep into the social media world and come up with a plan that will maximize your benefits.