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The Friday Fix - September 25, 2015

Happy Friday, folks! Can we all just have a moment of silence and be thankful for the first Friday of fall? And not only is it the first Friday of fall, but it’s also the last Friday of September, meaning that our favorite month is right around the corner. Bring on October! We’ve got some great stuff for you in today’s Friday Fix. We’re still encouraging everyone to start planning their marketing efforts for the New Year, we’re still cheering on video marketing, and we’ve got trends for days that are coming up in the marketing world. Start your Friday off right and dive in and get your Fix!

5 Must-Haves in Your Content Marketing Plan This Quarter

Everyone seems to be in agreement that it’s time to start planning your marketing efforts for the year to come. In this article, Paul Schmidt talks about some key elements to developing a content marketing plan. You may think that you already have a fool proof strategy for your business, but this article may provide unique insight that could give your strategy the competitive edge that it needs.

Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy with Interactive Video

Ok, so we have talked before about how video is one of marketing’s most successful weapons, but in this article, Dan Reid talks about a different element of video marketing – interactive video. He talks about the fact that while consumers may prefer video over text and images, the challenge remains to seal the deal and generate leads. So, what is interactive video? Exactly what it sounds like it would be – video that engages its viewer with overlaying call-to-action buttons and interactive features that lead viewers in the direction that you want them to go.

A Storytelling Exercise: Opportunities for Publishers on Snapchat Discover

Snapchat continues to pop up in the news of the marketing world. What started out as an app that seemed to only be geared towards teenagers, has now become an outlet for major brands to incorporate storytelling into their marketing strategy. In this article, Madalina Ciobanu talks about some of these major brands that have jumped onboard the Snapchat bus and are now reporting that utilizing Snapchat has actually been a valuable lesson in storytelling for business. It has taught them to explore different elements of storytelling and implement those elements in a creative way.  

Seven Golden Rules for Content Marketing

In this article, Lynette Saunders is giving us a lesson in the golden rules of content marketing and we think that she is spot on. I mean, you better be if you are going to throw around the term “golden rule,” right? We all learned early on in life that the golden rule is above all other rules, and when applied to the world of content marketing, Lynette clearly knows what is most important – your audience. As you go through her list of rules in the article, you will notice that there is a common denominator – the audience. You will have to read for yourself, but she makes it clear that knowing, analyzing and catering to your audience is the ultimate golden rule.

What’s Next in Marketing: A Snapshot from Cannes Lions

When you run your own digital marketing agency, you best be able to stay on top of marketing trends. Shayma Hyder, founder and CEO of the Marketing Zen Group, does just that and she is letting us in on what she thinks is to come in the marketing world. She attended Cannes Lions and came away with a lot of trends to report on. She talks about how data and creativity need to become fast friends, the need for content is here to stay, and how vulnerability can be a good thing for brands. You won’t want to miss this one, folks.

Video Marketing Strategy is Improving, but Brands Face a Long Road Ahead

We are going to continue talking about video marketing until its importance is ingrained into your brain. According to Krystal Overmyer, there is good news and bad news when it comes to video marketing strategy. The good news? The effectiveness of video marketing is skyrocketing for companies that are getting it right. The bad news? Nearly half of the companies that are incorporating this into their strategy, report that developing a successful strategy for video marketing is still a huge challenge. Krystal is here to help though, offering advice on building a successful video marketing strategy, so you better listen up!

5 Video Trends That Deserve Marketers’ Attention

If you are considering incorporating video into your marketing efforts, (which, why wouldn’t you be?) it is important to stay on top of the latest trends. Nancy Liberman paints a pretty picture of what’s going on in the world of video marketing right now, and if you weren’t convinced to hop onboard before, you will be after reading her article. For starters, did you know that Instagram now allows companies to upload 30 second videos? We recommend reading this article to find out other ways that video is taking the world by storm.

Not All Content is King: Are You Providing Your Audience with Quality Content?

As we stated in one of the previous articles, the need for content isn’t going anywhere. However, the need for QUALITY content is very real. If you are publishing the wrong kind of content, you are doing yourself, or your business any favors. This article points out the importance of providing your audience with the right content. What makes content, good content? This article has all the answers. 

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