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The Friday Fix - June 19, 2015

Friday is the greatest day of the week because with it comes the anticipation of weekend possibilities (even if those possibilities include eating cereal in pajamas at noon).  Also, it’s Friday Fix Day, which is pretty darn spectacular, too.  This week, we look at different approaches in both content marketing and storytelling (for example, have you considered data-driven storytelling?).  We also explore why Millennials have such a hankering for nostalgic content and contemplate how you can use that knowledge for your benefit.  So, grab a cup of the good stuff (coffee, we mean coffee…it’s too early for the other good stuff), and get ready to get Fixed…Friday style!

Can Content Marketers Escape the Black Hole that is Facebook Video Autoplay?

File this one under “the more you know”.  In this article, Ruben Sanchez looks into the origins of Facebook video autoplay (you know, the video just starts playing when you scroll down to it) and it’s incredible success. The way it works, Ruben explains, is that only videos directly uploaded to Facebook get the preferential autoplay treatment.  Studies show that autoplay yields more views, which is why content creators started working with Facebook’s video platform. Other social media companies got on board with their own platforms creating a few pros and cons for content marketers that you’ll be interested to learn more about.

Marketing has a Marketing Problem

Content marketing pundit Michael Brenner explores how marketing has both evolved as well as how marketing’s task has evolved beyond its once-sole task of sending the message to consumers to consume.  Among the changes made to marketing over the past decade is that storytelling plays an integral role in marketing today.  No longer is the mission to advertise; it’s to connect via emotional storytelling.  Check out this article to see what Michael says about storytelling and how you need to adapt to evolve with marketing.

How to Use Data Visualization in your Content Marketing Strategy

Tony Adragna’s article focuses on storytelling in content marketing but from a slightly different point of view.  Tony explores how data-driven visuals can be used in your content marketing strategy.  As Tony points out, data is more visual and thus get more attention in an online environment.  He also reveals that we process visual content 60,000 times faster than text-based content, which is pretty impressive and is a data-proven way that using data in storytelling creates a lasting impression.

Why Millennials are Afflicted with ‘Early-Onset Nostalgia’

You may need to read between the lines a little in Tanya Dua’s fascinating read to understand how Millennials’ tastes impact content marketing, but the message is pretty clear.  Millennials connect to nostalgia harder than many of their predecessors for whom nostalgic marketing in terms of content storytelling and other means fades quickly.  Millennials hold on longer, which means if this somewhat tough-to-read group is your audience, this is an important article for you.

5 Brand Building Essentials for Every New Startup

So, what is brand building?  Essentially, it’s establishing an identity for your brand.  Who are you?  What do you care about?  Why should your audience care about you?  Establishing a brand identity is easier said than done, but Sushant Saini provides five intelligent and important ways to do just that.  Content marketing, brand association, outreach, creative communication, and storytelling are all key ingredients.  Read Sushant’s article to see how to use them to your benefit.

The A-Z Guide of Conversion Friendly Content Marketing for B2C Marketers

The goal for any marketers is for their efforts to promote action in some capacity.  In the case of B2C marketers especially, it’s usually to make a sale and establish a new relationship.  In this fun article, Pratik Dholakiya suggests a different conversion strategy such as e-mail, giveaways, narrative, social networking, and tools.

How to Use Buyer Personas & CTAs in Content Marketing: Insights from #SEJSummit Speaker Marla Johnson

In an interview with Marla Johnson, Kelsey Jones reveals what the #SEJSummit Speaker has to say on buyer personals and CTAs in content marketing.  For example, when asked how to be heard above all of the noise online, Marla replied, “Relevance.”  Marla also explains why she feels it’s important to use buyer personas to focus a brand (it all goes back to knowing your audience).  There’s much more to this smart interview making it a great read for anyone invested in content marketing.

The New Content Marketing: How to Create Successful Content for Today’s Audience

Julia McCoy’s article continues the conversation on the importance of understanding audience in content marketing, but Julia increases the focus as to the particulars between types of audiences (read B2B and B2C).  Both types of audiences have certain similarities, but there are some fundamental differences marketers must give to these audiences such as individual versus group psychology (to name one difference).  Fact versus feeling is another, and while you don’t need a Myers-Briggs assessment to reach your audience, you do need to read this article.

The Top 3 Content Marketing Challenges and How to Beat Them

First, I think it’s commendable that Boaz Grinvald has taken the many challenges that face content marketers and boiled it down to a top three.  Grinvald starts with a hilarious yet incredibly accurate graphic for the science of overcoming challenges.  In this there are two non-overlapping options, which are “staring at them (challenges) in awe” and “actually doing something”.  So, what are the challenges? Creating and distributing content, and helping audiences get to the content.  Read on for the details on how to overcome said challenges.

Snapchat Turns Geofilter Digital Stickers into Revenue Source

It’s always interesting to see what others are doing in the great wide world of content marketing that’s working.  In this case, Paresh Dave explores Snapchat Inc.’s latest implementation to their popular image-based social media app: geofilters.  Geofilters are “location-based overlays” that enable the Snapchat user to show where they are.  Snapchat is letting businesses make their own geofilters; McDonald’s is the first with a burger and fry overlay.  As per Snapchat’s Mary Ritti, “Snapchat is about storytelling,” and geofilters help users share their stories.  There’s a lot of potential with this concept; click to see what that is.

How to Hire a Social Media Manager

With respect to the very real fact that there’s no way you can do it all, we bring valuable guidance on hiring a social media manager.  This is actually a very important job (not to be deferred to your 13 year-old niece who –I know—understands the Twitter and Facebook and Instagram, etc.), so finding the right person for the job is easier said than done. You want someone who recognizes the significance of social media relative to a marketing strategy and who has the creative, organizational, technological, and other skills to get the job done.  If you’re thinking about hiring (or becoming) a social media manager, then this article is just what you need.

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