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The Friday Fix - April 14, 2017


The Friday Fix - April 14, 2017

Happy Good Friday! Of course, around here, every Friday is good because it means it’s Friday Fix Day. The Friday Fix is our rundown of what’s trending and what’s-the-what in content marketing. This week, the shift from storytelling to story-making is earning all of the buzz. Not sure what that is? Let us help you stay relevant with the Friday Fix

Is Story-Making the Next Evolution of Brand Storytelling?

Krystal Overmyer explores the evolution of storytelling by taking a look at Mastercard’s "Priceless” campaign. The future of storytelling, it seems, is in story-making, which is adding audience interaction and participation to the story.

Ways to Adapt Storytelling to Your Marketing Strategy

In case you missed South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin this past spring, weep not for Amanda Nelson has the scoop on how to adapt your storytelling in 2017. The approaches for adapting are to adopt natural over passive interaction, to adjust for story consumption changes, and to get on board with immersive storytelling.

How ATTN: Is Attracting Companies Who Want to Produce Socially-Minded Branded Content

A video posted on ATTN:’s Facebook recently got 42 million views in a day. As Sami Main explains, viewers trust ATTN:, which, in case you didn’t know, is an issues-based media company. Their stories are a perfect balance of emotional and informative and companies are taking notice.

User-Generated Content: Letting Your Audience Tell Your Story

You might think unscripted, user-generated stories are scary, but think of it this way: if your friend suggested something or a celebrity spokesperson, who would you be more inclined to listen to? The friend, of course. Jessica Townsend explains how to get your audience to start telling your story.

5 Video Storytelling Tools for Camera Shy Entrepreneurs

It’s not uncommon to be camera shy; however, in today’s world of content marketing, video storytelling is a must-do. Billee Howard comes to the rescue with five video storytelling tools that enable you to stay in the game without being on camera.

Study: Digital Ads are Least Preferred by Gen Z

If you’re trying to reach Gen Z, digital ads aren’t the way to go. David Kirpatrick and Chantal Tode share the stats in the latest Marketing Dive as well as the story on why Gen Z is so anti-digital ad.

How to Rock Global Marketing with LinkedIn: An Interview with Jason Miller, LinkedIn’s Senior Content Marketing Manager

LinkedIn is the platform for professional networking. In this piece, Carlos Garcia-Arista taps Jason Miller, LinkedIn’s Senior Content Marketing Manager, for information on what you can learn from the latest edition of the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn (including how to leverage storytelling on LinkedIn).

Afraid of Becoming a Brand Publisher? Let Disney Show You the Way

Most companies are focused on products and services; the idea of being a brand publisher is one many still resist. Jonathan Crowl uses Disney’s story and success to show why being a brand publisher will give you everything you want and more.

Chobani CMO: Earned Media is as Important as TV or Events

This past week, Chobani refreshed its brand marketing, a move that coincides with major press exposure. Jessica Wohl takes a look at the multimedia approach to getting its story out there and the lessons we can learn.

We’ve Got to Bring the Art Back to Advertising’: 4A’s Attendees Talk Storytelling in 2017

There’s so much talk about storytelling and being authentic, that it can sometimes feel disingenuous or worse…formulaic. Doug Zanger examines the discussion at the 4A’s Transformation conference and reveals that “there needs to be less talk around storytelling and more doing.”

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