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Mistakes Your Business is Making on Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in marketing your business these days. If your company hasn’t developed a social media marketing strategy, then you are surely falling behind the competition. There is no one-size-fits-all social media marketing strategy that works for every business, so approaching it with that mindset can lead to mistakes that could be harmful to your business and its social following. Most businesses don’t even realize that they are making these mistakes until they enlist in the help of a professional marketing agency. Is your business making any of these mistakes on social media?

Lack of a consistent brand voice

The information that your business puts out on social media speaks for your brand, so your brand needs to have its own voice and tone. Look through your business’s last couple of weeks of social posts – does your brand have schizophrenia? It shouldn’t. Your brand’s voice should be consistent across the social media board. Do you need some help finding your brand’s voice?


When developing a social media marketing strategy, many businesses feel as if they are required to post daily – sometimes even multiple times per day. This way of thinking can be detrimental to your social following. Think quality over quantity when developing your social media strategy. Overwhelming your audience with mediocre content and information can cause your followers to become disinterested in your brand, inevitably leading them to “unfollow” your social channels.

Sharing Irrelevant Content

What is your brand’s identity? Along with your brand’s voice, the content that your business posts on social media should be in line with your brand’s identity. Once you’ve discovered your identity, you have to consider your audience – what information is relevant to your social media followers? If you are posting content that is irrelevant to your audience, then your audience isn’t going to stick around and they certainly aren’t going to come back for more.

Over-promoting your business

Posting content that is relevant to your audience doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only post content that relates to your business – that’s far from the truth, actually. Your business’s brand identity encompasses much more than your product or service. If you are using your social media channels solely to promote your business’s product or service, then you are doing it wrong. Here are some questions to consider when posting content to your social media channels –

·         What causes is your brand passionate about?

·         What stories can you tell about the faces behind your brand?

·         Are there any area news stories or events that your audience would care to know about?

·         What can your audience learn from your business?

Lack of interaction with your audience

Content that encourages interaction from your audience is always a plus, but it’s even more important that you acknowledge and respond to interaction from your audience. This is a great way to humanize your brand. If someone comments on your social post or send you a private message, it is extremely important to respond and interact in a timely manner. Failure to do so gives your social media presence a robot feel and leaves your audience feeling unappreciated. Responding to comments and messages shows the human side of your brand and connects you to your audience.

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