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Instagram Updates: What You Need to Know as a Business Owner

Recently, Instagram made a big splash in the social media sector. As the number of followers continue to climb, so has the interests of many business owners. With the growing interests of business owners in mind, Instagram officially unveiled plans to implement new business features. To prepare for the big reveal, the company enlisted opinions from hundreds of companies, all while working toward the development of their new business tools. Business owners made suggestions such as: better ways to enhance their profiles, make their posts standout and tools that help them better understand current and prospective customers.  Need a new and creative way to reach a larger audience? Instagram may be the ticket for growing your social media audience. Take a closer look as we discuss the latest features that this app has to offer.

Top of the Line Insight

According to current reports, the new demographics will provide advanced insight into top posts and audience engagement. Disclosing the behavior of the audience will allow Brand Marketers to understand the best time of day to post a photo or video. The new features will also reveal data of followers including: age, gender, and location. Once data has been collected, the business can decide to who to include in their target audience or allow Instagram to take on that task for them. The post will remain as a converted ad until the company decides to take it down. 

On-the-go Advertising

What if you had an app that could create an advertisement with the swipe of a finger? Well, Instagram does. In recognition of the clear parallel between advertisements and consumers, Instagram developed on-the go-mobile ad creation.  This cool addition will allow users to use the data from well-performing posts and convert them into ads.

Future Advertisements

Do you have a great idea for the near future? Has your team pitched future proposal in regard to advertisements? With this newly-designed feature, Instagram will provide a platform for businesses who think ahead. They’re now offering ad staging that will allow advertisers to work with other team members so they can preview, save, and collaborate for upcoming campaigns

Updated Profiles

As exciting as this information is, the new profile isn’t available for all Instagram business owners. The company is only offering a subset of users the updated profile with an expanded set of features. This includes the ability for customers to contact them via email, phone calls, or texts. New profiles will also include maps that can be used for directions to the business.  So who gets to try out this latest profile? Eligible users only include businesses that have a Facebook page. Instagram has also stated that they will begin testing insights with verified accounts and with those that have large followings. After the testing is completed, they’ll consider rolling out the feature to a wider community.

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