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The Friday Fix - December 2, 2016

Can you believe we are already in the last month of 2016? With the end of the year quickly approaching, digital marketing professionals are predicting and projecting trends we will see in 2017. Check out those forecasts and more in this week’s recap on content marketing, social media, video marketing and storytelling news right here on our Friday Fix.

What Instagram’s Latest Features Mean for Your Social Media Marketing

This week Instagram announced that it will soon support live streaming and disappearing videos and messages. If you are thinking that this once again sounds like they are copying features from other platforms, you’re right. What does this mean for social media marketing? Business2Community says Instagram’s newest additions may make this outlet a one-stop-shop for social media users.

Study: Video Marketing Most Effective When Measured with Advanced Analytics

Video has become an essential part of many brands’ marketing strategies. Business Wire shares findings from the return on investment on video marketing. The results show that video marketing is becoming more important, the majority of companies are creating more than 10 videos a year and half of companies use outside resources to create and produce their videos.

A New Perspective on Storytelling: Snapchat’s Spectacles

Media File says Snapchat’s latest product, Spectacles, proves that audiences don’t want polished narratives anymore. People want to see a real, unedited, first person view of a story. Learn more about spectacles and how they can help brands share their stories with their customers.

5 Ways to Create a Smart and Affordable Marketing Strategy

Many small businesses do not have a marketing strategy because they do not think they have the ability, resources or money to create one. Tech Co says all companies can create a marketing strategy by defining an end goal, determining a target audience, assembling a great team, creating value with content and advertising on a budget.

Why Content Marketing Matters

Business2Community hones in on the importance of brands creating a human persona to build deeper connection with their audience. Ultimately, a brand is a group of humans sharing a common goal to create stories that will attract customers to their products or services. Content a company creates is the vehicle that connects a brand and its audience. Check out the article for a look at how to create authentic human connections through content marketing.

The Art of Storytelling in Video Marketing

Storytelling is an ancient tradition, but it takes a careful process to perfect. Customer Think says that brands need to discover the story’s goal, obstacles, stakes, climax and resolution to craft a successful story. Author Evelyn Timson says the process will create well-produced stories and entice customers to keep coming back for more. 

6 Ways to Convert Your Instagram Audience into Customers

Far too many businesses do not capitalize on social media’s potential because they cannot see direct results, especially on platforms such as Instagram where brands can only include one link in their profile. Entrepreneur says businesses can convert their Instagram audience into customers by using calls to action, running contests, telling a visual story and more.

4 Mobile Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2017

With planning for 2017, this article shares where businesses should focus their time and dollars next year. Small Business Trends says focusing on mobile payments, mobile apps, mobile-only social and mobile search will lead to a successful marketing strategy in the future.

Do You Need an Online Marketing Agency? Take This 5-Minute Quiz

Many businesses are not sure if they need additional marketing assistance. Forbes created a 5-minute quiz to help companies decide if they should invest in an online marketing agency. Companies should consider their budget, understanding of marketing platforms, number of employees with marketing knowledge and more. 

Does your company need assistance creating its 2017 marketing plan? The Storyteller Agency specializes in services including content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and blogging. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business. 



The Friday Fix - November 27, 2015

Happy, Happy Friday Fix Day!  Today is extra happy because not only is it Friday Fix Day, it’s also Black Friday and delicious Thanksgiving leftovers day (which many look forward to more than the meal itself).  Chances are, you’ve kicked up your outreach for the holiday, but are you nailing it or are you a Black Friday marketing misfit (cringe!)?  This week, we cover Black Friday content marketing trends that can be applied throughout the holiday season. We also talk about causes to give thanks as we well as looking at the big picture, content marketing sales types, and reasons to create video marketing in house.  So throw together ham, dressing, and cranberry sauce biscuit sandwich, kick back, and be thankful along with us that it’s not only Friday, it’s also time for the Friday Fix.

Black Friday Marketing Misfits

Black Friday is one of those things that folks seem to either love or hate.  On the one hand, there are killer sales; on the other, you’re often overwhelmed with e-mails, catalogues, and specials that are so overwhelming I usually end up doing nothing and staying home and noshing on leftovers.  What Emily Faget looks at in this article are what consumers do and what successful shops do (hint: 65% of folks are not cool with Thanksgiving Day sales).  Meanwhile, Cyber Monday’s numbers continue to rise while other companies have promoted doorbuster deals in anticipation the big event; some companies aren’t participating to give employees a long weekend; it’s a bold move, which could pay off. So, check out this article to see how your Black Friday style measures up.

Develop Content to Increase Mobile Purchasing on Black Friday

Rob Remington-Drake reveals that mobile sales account for over 44% of global e-commerce sales, which doesn’t surprise me at all considering I’m one of those people who does almost all of her non-grocery shopping online.  The obvious take-home is that your web presence could be the most important thing you have going for you this holiday shopping weekend / season.  In this piece, Rob covers using social media, creating impact, and using your online position to influence audiences (among other things).

This is How Macy’s will Target its Facebook and Instagram Ads for the Holidays

If you’re following along with me, you know from Rob’s article that social media more important than ever during holiday shopping palooza.  Lauren Johnson isn’t wrong is likening holiday shopping to the Super Bowl for companies like Macy’s (I mean, they have a parade for crying out loud).  So, here’s what Macy’s is doing that’s rocking our socks off (other than the parade which is among my Turkey Day MVPs).  They’re telling episodic stories through short films, so you watch one, then later that day, there’s a new film.  I’m not sure more needs to be said on the genius of this strategy, but you should probably read Lauren’s article to get the specifics on how Macy’s is making this magic happen (is there anything about Macy’s that isn’t magical? Have you seen the parade!?).

Content Marketing for Sales: 7 Must Have Content Types

I love KC Claveria’s article because it kind of reminds me of the way you categorized kids in high school…you have the jocks, the preppies, the popular kids, the stoners, the nerds…well, this run-down is handled similarly. KC typecasts seven kinds of purposeful content like “the ice-breaker”, “the challenger”, and “the solution” (plus four others) with a description of each and how they work (as well as why they’re all essential for content marketing for sales.  Let’s put it this way, high school wouldn’t have been the same without its niche of characters; sales marketing wouldn’t be the same without these crazy kids.

Why You Have to Think Big Picture with Brand Storytelling

Whenever someone says “big picture” I always think of a novel series like Game of Thrones.  Within the larger story, you have chapters (stories in their own rights), character storylines, etc. all of which the audience not only relates to but also gets super invested with.  The catch is, you have to have a plan.  Per Jay Longacre, that plan involves starting with the audience. Who are they?  What are their needs?  How can you help them?  As a content marketer, your bigger story involves understanding these things and addressing them.  If you show that you get them, they’ll repay the favor with loyalty and interest.

9 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

It’s kind of hard to believe that we’re only a month away from 2016 and pulling our scales of shame back out from under the dresser, but like it or not, 2016 is upon us, which puts us ever-closer to seeing if forecasters like this article’s Tim Asmios are right about what’s going to be trending and ending in content marketing.  Relative to B2B marketing, Tim predicts the demise of “digital marketing” while things like advocate marketing, marketing apps, and podcasting, live streaming, and video shows are things to keep an eye on.  He also predicts an e-mail marketing resurgence, a proclamation that certainly raised my eyebrows a hair.

The Red Bull Effect: Why More Brands are Creating their Video Content In-House

It seems Red Bull does more than give you wings; it also gives you ideas for coordinating your content marketing strategy.  Per Todd Wasserman, Red Bull is among companies like Marriott and Pepsi who are looking in to create video for output.  Why?  Well, for one there’s cost, but the real incentive is that doing these things in-house enables more creative license over the story.  Also, as Todd illustrates using Progressive Insurance as an example, producing video content in-house allows the company to create more stories than just Flo’s (and with different tones).  More or less, it enables brands to tell more intimate, well-crafted stories that are keenly appealing to specific audiences and that can ultimately lure audiences to affiliating with a new brand.

Luxury Brands are Failing in Their Storytelling

Here’s a fun fact: my parents still use checkbooks.  My mom is a small business owner, and when they talk about advertising or getting sales, they talk like the rules that worked in the 90s still apply.  What I’m saying is their a tad outdated, which is essentially what Ana Andjelic points out about many luxury brands.  Rather than embracing an opportunity to use rich, historic and cultural stories to build brand affinity, they’ve wholly stayed glossy and predictable in their marketing.  Only a few are stepping up and storytelling, a move that will benefit them in the future.

Where Do We Find Original Content? (Short Answer: Anywhere We Seek It)

I think explaining content marketing to someone who’s never really heard of it is about as awkward as telling a child where babies come from for the first time.  You say, “Do you know what I mean?” a lot, and they just look at you with a blank expression as if to say, “Why would anyone do that?  Does that even work?”  Well, the question begged by Sam Bartlett of where we find original content is very much like that and is one that many experienced content marketers struggle to answer (I suppose this is akin to parents of toddlers where to make the magic happen because as it turns out, it often feels like options are limited if not non-existent).  Thankfully for content marketers, original content is everywhere; it’s just a matter look at things in a totally different way. 

Round Up: The Best Content Marketing Campaigns and Why They Worked

Just in case you weren’t inspired enough already or perhaps needed a few examples of content marketing mavens in action, Sherice Jacob covers four killer content marketing campaigns and analyzes why they worked.  She looks at HubSpot, Adobe, GE, and FireRock; each company nailed it in a different way.  The take home?  Everyone has a different purpose and different assets; these companies just happened to figure out what theirs are, and they’re flaunting them like rock stars.

Giving Thanks: Spreading Thanks in the Workplace (and Why it’s Important)

It’s impossible not to be mindful of all of the things we have to be thankful for this time of year; most important among those (things) are people and their love and support, which makes our lives that much better.  Some of the people we spend the most time with are our work families, which is why it’s important to show thankfulness in the workplace (and not just the week of Thanksgiving).  See how far a little show of appreciation will get your business. 

Amy Delcambre is a freelance content and travel writer from Mobile, Alabama with a Master's in Creative Writing. When she's not painting the page with nouns, verbs, and adverbs, she's slaying grammar beasts as a freelance editor and saving the world one sentence fragment at a time teaching university writing classes. In her free time, Amy enjoys cooking, traveling, and testing which plant species best survive prolonged neglect. 

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The Friday Fix - October 30, 2015

Happy Friday Fix Day & Happy Halloween!  Hard to believe that the holiday season is about to officially kick into high gear; it’s also hard to believe the quantity of Halloween candy I’ve put away in the past month, but let’s not think about that now, yes?  Instead, let’s focus on the highlights of today’s Fix.  Not only do we talk about why you want to use babies and animals in your strategy, but we also share ideas for your November content.  Additionally, we explore content storytelling strategies that work and how brands like Apple, Net-A-Porter, and Humans of New York are nailing it and providing “contagious” content.  Today’s Fix is sweeter than that addictive bowl of Halloween candy but with zero calories, so dig in!

Apple’s Allure Lies in Effective Storytelling

Bryan Adams’ revelation in this piece that Apple’s allure resides in its storytelling; however, up to now, I’d previously been convinced it’s because they’re products are so simple and clean looking –like how I wish my life was.  I figured that was why I was powerless to resist the almighty Apple (like Eve in the Garden of Eden…okay, this is taking a weird turn…where was I?).  Oh, right Apple.  Apple has the ability to tell emotional stories in few or no words; simplicity and connection are key as is answering the question why

5 Reasons to Choose Video Content to Tell Your Brand Story

Unless today is your first day in content marketing, then you know, as does the author of this article Jon Simmons, that video is a vital resource in telling a killer brand story (consequently, if it is your first day, welcome to the Friday Fix!).  With over 38.2 billion videos being streamed per year, we can conclude that video gets a lot of audience attention, so how do you use it to tell your brand story? Well, start with a script; plan and look to existing stories in your repertoire to assist with ideation.  Also, read this article to get a deeper understanding of exactly how video elevates your brand story to a new level.

What Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips Marketers Can Learn from Publishers

If your own level of mobile versus desktop activity isn’t any indication, then let Krystal Overmeyer’s article clue you in on just how big this whole mobile thing is (and is still getting).  She shares that 39 of the top 50 digital news sites get more mobile traffic than desktop.  In fact, in case you’re not already aware, “mobile editor” is actually a thing because it’s of increasing importance that your stories are targeted to reach a mobile audience.  Check out this piece to see what tricks of the trade publishers regularly apply that can help you with your mobile marketing and storytelling.

Why Your Story Doesn’t Have to be 100% True



Mark Masters’ article leapt out of me because I feel that to advise against telling the truth can be dangerous territory.  In this piece, Mark isn’t advocating lying for the sake of lying but rather he argues that creating an emotional story that resonates with the audience is more valuable. He uses an example from Hollister and then his own marriage proposal.  As one who didn’t have a fairy-tale proposal, I understand what he means; sometimes, the emotion is more important than actual events.  He seals the deal by quoting Mark Twain: “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”  Keep in mind that if you take this path, even if it’s not true, your story still has to be authentic.

Using Homepage Design to Serve Dual Purpose of Storytelling, Shopping

We’ve talked about site Net-A-Porter before and it’s back.  As Sarah Jones explains, the site has, like other sites, blended the shoppable content with the editorial.  The rationale should be obvious as one site (Penhaligon) that Jones writes about sees better sales from the audience who also reads the blogs.  This makes complete sense; check out the article to see why.

3 Lessons We Can Learn from the Most ‘Contagious’ Brands

Let’s face it, not all brands are created equally; some are simply better at being “out there” more than others as Mike O’Brien points out.  So, what do these brands have in common that make them so popular they’re downright contagious?  Well, first is that they’ve humanized their brand; they share a post from Humans of New York, which is one of the most feel-good things on the Internet and is 100% contagious per O’Brien.  Two is that fans are incorporated, and three is that these brands remember it’s social media.  This article references several brands that are nailing this while giving insight for how you can do it, too.

Shhh…3 Secrets to Content Marketing Success: Businesses Take Note!

You’ve probably heard that content marketing is essential; if so, you’re right.  It really is critical even if you’re looking to establish an online presence, brand loyalty, and all of that other good stuff.  There’s no one recipe fits all for content marketing; however, there are some tactics that any business should apply.  In this piece, Yoav Vilner highlights three: staying current, investing in an editorial team, and setting aside a content marketing budget.

5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2015

November (read, the holiday season among other things) is upon us.  There’s nothing savvier than using what’s trending as a component of your content marketing strategy.  In this piece, Armando Roggio has give suggestions for ways to weave November’s highlights into your content marketing.  Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and No Shave November (even French’s mustard is promoting No Shave November) are three.  The fact that it’s National Novel Writing Month and the November release of latest James Bond flick Spectre are the other two.

Determining What Topics to Cover with Your Content Marketing

Sometimes, you have a month like November jam-packed with ideas to weave into your strategy; other times, it feels like all of the great ideas flew south for the winter and left you stranded.  Here Brian Honigman doesn’t tell you what ideas to cut and paste into your strategy (nor should he); instead, he gives something much more useful: a roadmap to finding ideas.  Start by clearly defining your brand and doing demographic research.

When Content Marketing Doesn’t Work

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but sometimes content marketing doesn’t work.  In this article, Cristina Callahan explains that there are certain mistakes that one can make that can cause the content marketing machine to grind to a halt (possibly referring to it as a machine is one).  Lacking in strategy, consistency, quality, or investment are the four ways to guarantee your content marketing will stall out in the middle of the road.  In other words, for content marketing to work, you have to have drive, and you have to be willing to work on your vehicle to keep things moving forward.

Babies and Animals: How These Two Ingredients are Surefire Winners for Your Video Marketing

It’s an almost universally accepted truth that no matter who you are, a good baby or animal image or video will either give you a big laugh or the warm fuzzies or both.  Even if you never aspire to have babies or animals because you just love a clean house, you still appreciate them in the content you consume.  Why? Easy…babies and animals tug at the heart strings (has anyone seen the recent video of the baby learning to see for the first time?  Grown men admit to weeping.).  Check out this piece and learn how to let babies and animals help you bring all the feelings to the yard. 

Amy Delcambre is a freelance content and travel writer from Mobile, Alabama with a Master's in Creative Writing. When she's not painting the page with nouns, verbs, and adverbs, she's slaying grammar beasts as a freelance editor and saving the world one sentence fragment at a time teaching university writing classes. In her free time, Amy enjoys cooking, traveling, and testing which plant species best survive prolonged neglect. 

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