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Leap Year 2016: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Leap into Video Marketing

What does a Leap Year mean to you? For some it simply means 366 days in the year, rather than 365, others may have stories of romantic Leap Year proposals, but today we are going to talk about taking a leap – a leap into the world of video marketing. We just couldn’t resist the poetic symbolism of ‘taking a leap’ in honor of the Leap Year. OK, so maybe it isn’t poetic, but it makes total sense, right? If there is any leap that we would recommend a business to take, it would be th leap into video marketing. Let’s talk about why, shall we?

Facebook is Upping Their Video Game

Video has become so powerful on the Internet that Facebook is now making adjustments to cater to that. Facebook users are now watching over 100 million hours of video every day and with social media marketing at an all-time high, that makes video a pretty powerful tool for your business. Facebook’s video metrics page has gotten an impressive facelift and now gives a much more in depth analysis of a video’s performance, which is a dream come true for page owners and marketers.

Video Makes an Impression and is Highly Shareable

Video instantly grabs the attention of your audience, making it a powerful outlet to sharing a message. On another note, video is one of the most highly shareable forms of content. When you combine these two elements of video, you have a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and also the potential to expand the reach of your message. This combination could be the key to taking the success of your business to an all new level.

In a World Full of Written Content, Video is a Breath of Fresh Air

While there is no doubt that video is taking the marketing world by storm, that same world is still packed full of written content. Here at The Storyteller Agency, we believe in both – a balance of both worlds. However, people are embracing the power of video because it has become a breath of fresh air in a world that so easily becomes polluted with too much mediocre written content. Video has the gift of reaching your audience, making a connection, leaving an impression, and leaving your audience feeling refreshed and wanting more. That’s the power of video. Embrace it.

Video is Favored by Search Engine Algorithms

OK, bear with us while we talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a minute. It’s not everyone’s favorite topic of discussion, but when it comes to video marketing, it’s an important one to have. Why? Because video can actually improve your SEO, which is a huge step to increasing your audience reach. Fun Fact – Google actually owns Youtube, so we’re placing bets on that being a big part of why video is so favored by Google’s search engine algorithms – makes total sense, right? Whatever the reason, improving your SEO is something that every business should strive for, and video could be the answer you are looking for.

Video is a Powerful Tool for Storytelling

Save the best for last, right? It’s no secret that we have a passion for storytelling, but we also have a passion for video production. When you combine these two forms of marketing, magic happens. Video is such a powerful tool for telling great stories that will make a genuine impact on your audience – we believe it is THE most powerful tool. The opportunities are endless for your business to use video as a storytelling tool, and we’re here to help you capitalize on those opportunities. We want you to connect with your audience and leave a lasting impression, and that simply isn’t possible by merely pushing a product or service. Your audience wants more from you. Are you ready to give it to them? 

Are you ready to start telling your story? Reach out to us at The Storyteller Agency. Call us at 850.267.0931 or send us an email to We would love to help you craft your brand's story and we have the resources necessary to allow you to share it via a multitude of creative outlets.