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The Friday Fix - June 2, 2017


The Friday Fix - June 2, 2017

First and foremost…have you had a doughnut yet today? Yes, it's National Doughnut Day, and it’s also Friday and time for our weekly content marketing review, the Friday Fix. Kick back with a chocolate-frosted and an iced latte, and relax as you catch up on the latest insights—it’s the perfect way to prep for a weekend away from the office. Trust us. Sips latte.

An Actionable Guide to Visual Storytelling

There’s an interesting predicament in that more and more B2B marketers plan to produce content this year; however, the majority of those content producers believe they are ineffective at content production. Robbie Richards asserts that visual storytelling is the answer and provides 15 tools, techniques, and examples to “cut through the noise.”

Find Your TRUTH: How to Think Like a Journalist in the Content Marketing Era

As content marketing production shifts evermore toward a consumer-focused mindset, it’s essential for marketers to adopt more journalistic approaches to their storytelling. Alicia Esposito explains how and why unleashing your inner journalist makes your stories more educational and inspirational.

Why Marketers Need to Invest in Authentic Long-Form Storytelling

While short-form content has its place, content marketers can make the biggest waves with their audience using long-form content. Rupert Maconick explains that by focusing on socially-conscious beliefs and practices in your content, you can enact change and earn positive PR.

Can You be One of a Content Darling?

A content darling, explains Fergus Stoddart, is one of those “iconic brands that you put on a pedestal and say ‘those guys get content’, ‘Wow, they know how to tell a story.” Now that you get it, can you be a “content darling”, darling?

Make Sure Your Brand is Telling the Same Story as Your Reviews

You have a perception of your brand and how your audience perceives your brand; however, your audience has their own idea of who you are, which is shown in your reviews. Justin McGill expands on the importance of ensuring your brand story matches the story told by your reviews.

4 Principles to Storytelling with Videos

Jefri Yonata is right on the money when he says that stories are effective tools for engagement and shaping your brand character. This is owed to their emotional appeal, timeline, and approach. Jefri shares four principles for using video for storytelling as video is one of the best mediums for leveraging the power of storytelling.

“We All Live Dramatic Lives”: A Conversation on Storytelling with Serial Producer Julie Snyder

Julie Snyder isn’t just a storyteller; she’s a true storyteller and is the executive producer behind Serial and S-Town among other things. Rachel Haberman shares her insightful interview with Julie prior to Forward 2017.

How 3 High-End Companies Use Humor to Create Viral Marketing Videos

We all know one great way to connect with audiences is with emotional storytelling, but another is with humor (who doesn’t love to laugh?). Nathan Resnick takes a closer look at three recent branded videos that went viral and analyzes what made each one work.

Everything You Need to Know about Virtual Reality Marketing

You’ve heard about virtual reality (VR) and how it’s the next big thing, but the picture’s still coming in fuzzy. What exactly is it? How do you use it? Why’s it so great for storytelling? Jes Stiles' article serves as an excellent primer explaining everything you need to know about VR.

What’s Dominating Digital Marketing Right Now?

While you wouldn’t want to jump off of a bridge if everyone else did, you do want to be on top of content marketing trends. Dan Smirk examines what’s dominating digital marketing right now such as mobile, live video, big data, and more.

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